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Your Complete Guide to Using Video for Your Business This Christmas

07 December 2020
Your Complete Guide to Using Video for Your Business This Christmas

What if the best marketing tip for your business this holiday season came down to three little words?

No, those words aren't "I love you." Instead, it all comes down to this" just hit play!" 😉

The holidays are the perfect time to embrace video for your business, but many companies don't know how to make the most of it. Keep reading to discover our complete guide to using video for your business this Christmas.

The "Happy Holidays" Video

You don't have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to a holiday video for your business. For example, you can embrace a true classic and record a "happy holidays" video.

This video can be as simple a slideshow or as complex as a production. The point is to showcase most of your time as they express their heartfelt wishes for customers to have a truly merry Christmas.

Your "Year In Review"

Every year in the life of a business is its own story. Why not share that story in a "year in review" video for the holiday season? Especially after the year we have had in 2020.. 

These videos help to showcase both major achievements you made and the major challenges you overcame. The best of these videos form a compelling story that lets the audience know who your team is and helps them root for your success.

Say "Thank You" In a Unique Way

Modern audiences (especially millennials) want more than a transactional relationship with a company. Instead, they want to feel like the company really cares about who they are and what they are going through.

That's why a "thank you" video is perfect for the holiday season. It gives you and your team a great opportunity to express gratitude to your customers for their ongoing support. Trust us: customers will always remember the company that treats them with such dignity and graciousness!

Embrace the Humour

What do most viral videos have in common? Simple: they are funny content that people just can't wait to share with their friends and family.

If you can create content that is funny, quirky, memorable, even cringey you may capture lightning in a bottle with your own viral video. At that point, the countless people who share that video effectively become brand ambassadors for your business!


Not sure where to start with a funny video? One simple solution is to look at popular memes and funny videos as a source of inspiration.

This helps to showcase that your company has its fingers on the pulse of current media. And certain platforms like TikTok actively encourage users to do their own versions of popular content, so your videos will blend right in.

Create a Song

Music is a double-edged sword for holiday videos. While great songs can bring your videos to life, you must either find songs in the public domain or pay for the right to use more modern music.

A simple alternative is to create an original song from the ground up. This lets you create a catchy tune that potential customers will be humming long after the video stops playing.

Show Off Your Products

While the holidays are a great time to create videos for your business, you don't have to completely change your approach. For example, this is the perfect time to shoot video content that helps to show off your many products and their features.

At this time of year, everyone is busy trying to find the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. Customers are eager to see how products really work, and by creating the video content these customers need, you can significantly boost your sales.

Tell a Story

Whether it's a fifteen-second TikTok video or a two-hour movie, there is one thing the customer always expects: a story.

No matter the kind of video you produce, make sure it has a good story at the heart of it. This means quickly giving audiences background info, raising the stakes, and delivering an emotionally-satisfying payoff. This is easier said than done, but it is what separates great content from being "just another video."  

Tailor Videos to Platforms

You shouldn't jump directly into professional video production. Instead, you should first ask yourself this: "where do you plan to show this video?" This ultimately determines how long your content should be.

Videos for your own Youtube channel, for example, can be as long as you want, but it's still good to keep things "short and sweet" (about ten minutes or less) in deference to customer attention span. For Youtube commercials, though, you need to aim for something closer to fifteen seconds.

Fifteen seconds is also a good target mark for a TikTok video. But if you are shooting a video for something like Instagram, you can afford to go longer and give audiences a more in-depth look behind the scenes of your company. 

Target Specific Audiences

Just as you should tailor holiday videos to specific platforms, you must also consider who your audience is. This largely dictates the actual content of your videos.

For example, older audiences such as Baby Boomers revere Christmas as a time of family reunions and old traditions. Content for such an audience should showcase how your company and its products care about the traditional family and the rich cultural history of Christmas.

Younger audiences such as millennials see Christmas as more of an opportunity to connect with friends old and new. They place value on the idea of found family and will enjoy seeing how your products can bring them closer to their friends.

Every audience has different needs. By tailoring your holiday videos to those unique needs, you can win customers over.

Video for Your Business: Wrapping Up

Now you know how to create a great holiday video for your business. But do you know who can take your videos to the next level?

We specialise in things like animated marketing videos, brand stories, customer testimonials, personalised video and more. To see what we can do for your business, come learn more about our services today!


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Your Complete Guide to Using Video for Your Business This Christmas
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