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How the Education Industry Is Using Video Production

19 November 2020
How the Education Industry Is Using Video Production

Don't know how you can engage with audiences?

This is something that most people struggle with whenever they look for ways to market to their audiences. This can lead to missed opportunities for your audience and for you, too.

What's great is that more people are discovering that videos are among the most engaging media on the Internet. With how digital marketing is evolving to video marketing, it's easier to engage with your audience.

Even the education system use video production to engage with their students. Do you want to learn how? Read on to learn how the educational system is using videos to allow their industry to thrive.

Making a Good First Impression

The educational system often use videos to make a good first impression on potential students. Their marketing teams produce videos that feature the campus and their many landmarks. Some also feature a university's traditions and festivals, too.

This serves as a great way for undecided students to take a tour of different campuses in the comfort of their homes. This is also important since the pandemic has had an impact on the educational impact.

What's important for people is that the video should be informative. It should also persuade potential students to apply to their school.

Melbourne University: Personalised Welcome Video

Explaining Complex Platforms

When first starting at University or a new school it can be extremely daunting, every education system has a different hub to learn from and with online learning at its height with the recent global pandemic it is extremely important that everyone is able to understand how to use these platforms. 

Many universities and online learning platforms utilise animation explainers in order to simplify these processes and of course streamlining on-boarding processes. 

So if you have something that is going to take more than 1 -2 slides then an animation explainer might be just what you are searching for.


Oxford University Press: Education Division Accelerator Animation 


Student Testimonials

Putting students at the forefront of all video communications is something the Education Industry is great at.

Students are much more likely to take advice from a peer than an elder so using real student testimonials to showcase a school or university is a great approach in order to reach the younger generation. It also gives a more authentic message and a bonus has a higher engagement rate!

Our Lady's College: Student Testimonials

Use Video Production Like the Education Industry Today

If you want to catch the attention of your audience, videos are the way to do it. Improve your video production skills and appeal to your audience today!

Don't have time to make the videos yourself? It's understandable as you'll need to invest a lot of time to produce a great video. Get in touch with us so we can help you produce the best personalised videos for all your marketing and educational needs today!



How the Education Industry Is Using Video Production
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