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How to Create the Best Explainer Video

28 December 2020
How to Create the Best Explainer Video

Global online video traffic grew 4-fold between 2015 to 2020. We'll continue seeing this rise as people turn to video content for entertainment and education. We'll also likely see mass adoption of video in the coming years, by businesses attempting to market products, as we saw with written content.

What does all this mean for you, the business owner or the marketing team? Well, video production services are (else will be) one of the best investments for your organisation. Here's why.

1. Know Exactly What Points You Need to Get Across

Online retail has shot up by approximately 16%, which makes it a great time to build your video marketing plans. An effective explainer video can sell more products for you and increase your profit margins. 

First and foremost, know your goals for the videos and exactly what you're trying to convey to people. These videos are generally between 30 seconds and 90 seconds long, so you don't have room for fluff and filler. 

BraEasy: Product Explainer

2. Get Your Hands on a Quality Script

All great videos are built on the back of an amazing script. The script needs to hit all of your points while allowing actors to speak naturally and convincingly. 

Work with some professional writers who have experience writing scripts for video projects so that you get the results you're looking for. 

3. Figure Out What Style You Want to Go With

Keep in mind also that there are several explainer video styles you can look into. For instance, you might want to create stellar product videos for new offerings you're coming out with. 

Your videos might be made in the style of live-action, animation, whiteboard, and other types. Take some time to watch several explainer videos so that you see what has worked for others and how a professional can fill in the gaps for you.

Second Steps: Animation Explainer

4. Make Sure Your Call to Action (CTA) is Strong

This part is overlooked more than you know. Make sure your call to action (CTA) is strong and definitive so that your customers know exactly what you'd like them to do and how to take the next steps. 

Include the relevant contact information and explain how your product can fill their needs. 

5. Keep the Quality and Production Values High

Finally, make sure that you're using the best video and sound equipment. Back it with an environment that is well-lit, and in an interesting setting. 

Be deliberate about your choice of actors and their wardrobes. 

Create a Dynamite Explainer Video

You can piece together the best explainer video as long as you understand the elements and what you're trying to get across. These tips will set the foundation for your next video project so you can get the results you're looking for. 

When you'd like to take your explainer videos to the next level, Visual Domain is ready and available to help you out. Our team has a creative and entrepreneurial spirit and would be happy to help you achieve your goals. 

Reach out to us by clicking Contact Us at the top of the page or send us a message! We create hundreds of explainer videos per year and can help you assess the best style suited for your industry and message. Explainer Footage


How to Create the Best Explainer Video
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