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Quality Video Production For An Affordable Price

03 July 2018
Quality Video Production For An Affordable Price

Gone are the days when a stunning video would cost the world and take forever to create.

Visual Domain thrives on flexible budgets and fast-turnarounds.

Take Baxter’s for example. The client came to us wanting to promote their new range of lights with one simple proposition - ‘Dominate the Night’. We spoke about their brand and messaging and before long we came back with a concept and video strategy.

From there we ran.

It was a day and night shoot with a drone to capture impressive over-head shots of the car crossing rivers and driving through the beautiful scenery. This mix allowed us to capture all angles of the truck displaying the power of the product and the hero of the video, the lights.

After a well planned and executed shoot, we went straight into editing mode - adding high end graphics to strengthen brand recall and give the video the edge the client was looking for.

The result:

A stunning video with grit, style and substance that absolutely blew the client away; all at an affordable price

Our clients come to us with an idea and a budget and we make it work. Simple.

Quality Video Production For An Affordable Price