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The 10 Most In Demand Videos .. You Should Totally Be Making

04 March 2019
The 10 Most In Demand Videos .. You Should Totally Be Making


You know you need to add Video to your Marketing, but you're not sure what kind of Videos you can make?

Video’s effectiveness has really reached new heights due to the improvement of so many platforms that host it. In fact 77% of Marketers stated that they intend to increase their Video Marketing (or add one) in 2019.

Here are the top 10 most in demand videos we're creating right now...

  1. About us: How long have you been around? What do you offer? Is it hard to say in a sentence? Remember that a 30 second video can say more than 1000 words.
  2. Meet the team: A personal intro to the team can help to humanise your company. A lot of prospective customers and job-hunters will check out your "people page", so how better to introduce your folk?
  3. What we do: A behind the scenes look at your operations can really add some social proof to your brand and products.
  4. Why us?: What do you do differently than anyone else? Video is a great way to offer a behind the scenes look at what sets you apart from the rest.
  5. Testimonials: "Don't take our word for it!" Personal anecdotes and stories from customers who love your company can strengthen your brand like nothing else.
  6. Thought leader webisodes: Do you specialise in something that is unique? Hyper focused content is great for relevant pages that really convert.
  7. Product explainers: How does your product of offering work? Video is fantastic at showing how your product can be used or works without long form text.
  8. Social cyclones: Short sharp videos that can be consumed across social channels are fabulous for engagement and Marketing campaigns.
  9. Internal training/explainers: Ensuring your team is on the right page when you're explaining your products and services can help create a consistent message and brand vision.
  10. One-thing webinars: A two-way platform for your customers to ask questions and connect with your brand on a personal level is an awesome way to increase engagement and turn customers into advocates.

Want to know more about best practice your Video Marketing in 2019? Download our Guide to Video Marketing here.

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The 10 Most In Demand Videos .. You Should Totally Be Making
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