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Case Study

Concrete Playground - Detours - Social Media

17 July 2020
Concrete Playground - Detours - Social Media

The Challenge

Concrete Playground signed a partnership with Mazda to produce content across all their verticals across site and social channels. The challenge was bringing to life daily ‘detours’ that their viewers could take to discover their city by using the Concrete Playground site and Mazda as the mode of transport. These videos had to work alongside the written content online, as well as not be repetitive in style but work together to create a series.

The Solution

Visual Domain partnered with Concrete Playground to create 12 videos that work across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Visual Domain made sure the ‘detours’ were visually appealing, promote areas that a viewer might not travel to normally, and include multiple stops across the journey to give a holistic use of the recommendations from the site. Visual Domain created a style and format that allowed the content to be scaled across multiple cities for maximum impact.

The Deliverables

12 x 60 second videos (3 x per state) that optimised for both Facebook and Instagram

The Results

The campaign was able to reach over 47,000 views across the campaign on relevant social media channels. The growth experienced on the website was the 166% YoY and assisted in their overall goal to increase brand awareness, increase customer engagement and increase website traffic.

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Concrete Playground - Detours - Social Media