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Case Study

Nando's Personalised Member Offer

17 July 2020
Nando's Personalised Member Offer

The Challenge

Every month Nando’s members receive a special member only offer to redeem in restaurant. Over the course of this campaign they noticed a decrease in open rates and conversion. Nando's wanted to look at how they could increase their conversion rate to ensure continued member engagement with their member program.

The goal to; increase customer engagement, conversion rate, and direct sales.

The Solution

Using the Visual Domain personalised video platform technology, we created a personalised GIF for a segment of Nando’s individual members. Utilising data provided from Nando’s including their name, favourite menu item and the special offer for that month. The GIF was embedded directly in their eDM and A/B tested against an alternate static image.

The Deliverables

Over 10,000 individual personalised GIFs, including:

    • Creative Concept
    • Storyboard
    • Animation
    • Data Management
    • Technology Infrastructure
    • ‘Tech Support

The Results

Group A (with the GIF) had an open to redemption rate (ie. the rate of people that opened the email who redeemed the offer) of 24.24%, versus the static image control group of 19.39%. There was a 4.85% increase in conversion rate.

Personalisation is at the heart of Nando’s PERi-Perks loyalty program. A/B testing the video content to determine its effectiveness within our audience, was a brilliant opportunity - the results speak for themselves.”

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Nandos Personalised Gif


Nando's Personalised Member Offer