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Case Studies & Testimonials

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Let your customers speak for you with a case study or testimonial.

When it comes to testimonials or case studies, a video allows potential customers to see the emotion conveyed in the expressions of your past customers. They are able to see someone they identify with and connect with their story. Generally, they will talk through your product or service and give their unscripted opinion on how it helped them solve a problem.
Builds Credibility
Give prospects the ability to see actual clients give their real opinions about your company's services or products.
Boosts Trust
Highlight the unique way your business has help customers, building a level of trust in potential clients.
Show Don't Tell
65% of consumers classified as visual learners, this is an effective way to communicate messages about your business.

Case Study & Testimonial

MYOB: Cardigang: Customer Success Story
MYOB introduces you to Cardigang in their latest customer testimonials series.
MYOB: Camp Cove: Customer Success Story
MYOB introduces you to Camp Cove in their latest customer testimonials series.
MYOB: Made Box: Customer Success Story
MYOB introduces you to Made Box in their latest customer testimonials series.
Australia Post - NORA Series
Australia Post partners with NORA in a series to introduce you to ELK and their sustainability story.
Department of Transport - Effort Based Mapping

The Department of Transport take you through the Effort Based Mapping and how they are ensuing Melbourne is accessible to all.

Advertising | FMCG and Products
MYOB Business is personal Danielle Weber

This is a video in a series called 'Business is Personal' that revolves around local businesses with owners who have unique backstories and insights into how their business started.

Advertising | FMCG and Products
Marks & Spencer: Visual Domain

Testimonial - Marks & Spencer - Visual Domain Marketing

Monash College: Double Degree International

An inspiring testimonial series for international and domestic students to the Bachelor of International Business degree.

Health care
NeuroCare: Finding Focus

Help other clients as well as referring doctors feel more informed about the benefits of Neurofeedback and to manage expectations of what is involved in the program.

FMCG and Products
Kwik Kopy

Kwik Kopy - Testimonial videos.

Construction | Development | Real Estate
Carlisle Homes

Carlisle Homes - Testimonial 2