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We dare to do what no other corporate video production company can - we create compelling content, at scale for Australian brands. And when we say scale we are talking over 10,000 videos per year. We approach every video as a partnership, our huge creative team is yours! We offer you our unrivaled experience for content creation. Pair this with our heart-led hustle we keep you at the forefront of technology and the growing demand for video content.
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Our People

We love video. In fact. Our team is obsessed. When you submit a brief our creative team starts researching and brainstorming concepts to help drive your brand. Our people push *more like shove* the boundaries of what is possible. We bring our inspired creative grit to every video and don’t stop until we are proud of our work.

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Our Product

If you’re looking for the whole kit and kaboodle. You have found it. When you partner with us you receive a supportive creative team who have done it all. We are your full-service video agency with creatives full of experience across all industries. From our dedicated Animation Studio, through to TV advertisements, and your social media content needs we have you covered.

Our Platform

How can we do it all? Well, that’s our secret weapon. The Client Hub. This is our unique platform that assists brands to create video content at scale. From here you can collaborate, plan, chat *and more* to your entire crew making sure the process is streamlined and transparent.

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"Visual Domain has created an incredible new business model and innovation-led strategy that is truly different. With a commitment to quality production values at any price point, Visual Domain delivers consistent video content on a massive scale. ".

"I love that they have crews across Melbourne and Sydney this made our project so much more streamlined".

"We produce a Masterclass podcast with Visual Domain every fortnight and have been very pleased with Daniel and his team".

"From creative direction to storytelling Visual Domain has been a part of our journey from the start".

Meet your creative partners
Adam Connolly
Adam Connolly
Creative Director
Adam believes every video can and should have something unique about it, something that makes that video stand out from others.
Claudia Producer
Claudia Fitzgerald
Claudia is involved in all areas of production, from coming up with the creative vision, coordinating the shoot and supervising the edit, ensuring the original vision is brought to life.
Dave Director
David Mallen
Dave is a strong storyteller, that portrays across his impressive client portfolio here at Visual Domain. Dave sure knows how to capture an audience.
Joseph Gardner
Joseph Gardner
Field Producer
With a background ranging from News to Reality TV, Joseph understands when you step in front of the camera you have a story to tell. It's Joseph's passion to ensure you feed your audience, cultivate conversation, and make an impact with your storytelling.
Lauren Burgueno
Starting her career as an editor Lauren has built upon that skillset and delved into the world of producing. Writing, creating, and conceptualizing ideas- she has found strength in being able to use her extensive knowledge of post-production to tell a story.
Glynn Cathcart
Glynn has been producing video content for almost 10 years and takes a pragmatic approach to production to free up brain space for creative thinking. With a diverse background in shooting and editing, Glynn brings his practical knowledge of production and couples this with a passion for creating original and engaging content.
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