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Why our Marketing Video Production Services are More in Demand

Many video production companies are already using marketing video production as an integral part of their overall marketing campaign. Why are they doing this? Because they know it's one of the most effective methods of promoting companies, brands, products and services.

Developments in techniques and technology over the years mean that digital marketing video production is now more affordable than ever before. This means that small companies as well as large ones can use video marketing and so ensures that all businesses can compete on a more equal footing.

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Product Videos for Marketing — Why they're so Popular

The use of marketing video production is increasing at a rapid pace and there are numerous reasons for this:

  • Most people now have mobile phones and around half of all video views are from them so the potential audience is huge.
  • Around three-quarters of people state that they're more likely to buy something after watching a product video about it.
  • Revenues of brands using video marketing increase almost fifty percent faster than those that don't.
  • Internet video comprised over two thirds of all consumer traffic in 2019 and is likely to have increased even further since then.
  • Email subject lines that include the word 'video' have an estimated 13% greater click through rate than those without it.

The short answer to questions about the reason for the increasing popularity of video marketing is that it is highly effective. It works brilliantly and for long periods, providing it's put together professionally by a specialist marketing video production company such as Visual Domain.

Why Should Your Business Choose us for Marketing Video Production Services?

There are many great reasons for choosing Visual Domain as your marketing video production expert when you require new video content for your business. Founded by Renece Brewster and Daniel Goldstein, Visual Domain has grown over the years to become one of the most trusted specialists in marketing video production services in all of Australia.

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced experts ranging from technical specialists to innovative designers. Together, they can create original and engaging video content that conveys the image and values of your brand and helps you stand out from the crowd in the eyes of your customers.

Since we first started out, we have worked with more than 6,600 clients across the country, producing more than 60,500 top-quality videos that have helped businesses increase their brand awareness and build strong connections with their target audiences.

Get Marketing Video Production Solutions that Are Created Around Your Needs

Here at Visual Domain, we are passionate about ensuring that every video we produce is the result of a thorough consultation process during which our customers can let us know exactly what it is they require and allow us to gain a strong understanding of their brand.

All our marketing video production services videos are created around the needs and preferences of individual customers, and we never rely on standardised, one-size-fits-all solutions. Making use of our easy-to-use Client Hub, customers can quickly and easily communicate with our team to make sure that their videos meet all of their requirements.

This centralised system makes it possible for the various departments of your team to cross-collaborate with our own, and because all your projects are kept in one place, we can keep you informed regarding everything that is going on without flooding your phone or emails.

If you're based in Melbourne and looking for the best corporate video production in Melbourne? Our team of experts offers a range of specialized services to help you grow your business and reach your target audience. With our animated video production in Melbourne, you can create engaging explainer videos that help to simplify complex ideas and concepts, making them more accessible to your audience. Our live streaming services in Melbourne provide you with a powerful tool for connecting with your customers in real-time, allowing you to host virtual events, product launches, and much m more. Contact us today to learn more about our video production services in Melbourne.

Reaching your Target Audience with our Marketing Video Production Company

Marketing videos can be used to describe and illustrate new and existing products, to explain how they work and solve customers' problems, to show testimonials from satisfied customers and to set out a company's aims and philosophies. They build brand awareness, reinforce the trust of customers, improve relationships and generate additional sales. They can be placed on websites, posted on social media platforms and used in email marketing so they can reach all your intended audience.

To keep ahead of your rivals, you need to build an effective marketing campaign that has videos at its core. Visual Domain, the leading marketing video production company can help you do that because we know how to create marketing videos such as testimonial video production, Ecommerce product video production, and animated marketing videos that really work. We'll assess your goals and target audiences, determine the most appropriate message and style of video, and create a corporate animation or live action video that will put over your message in an engaging, entertaining and concise manner that will keep viewers interested. Video that's specifically targeted in terms of its content and the audience it reaches is much more effective than generic versions.

A correctly targeted and focused marketing video will produce great engagement and conversion rates that you can measure accurately with analytic tools and feedback. They will prove the effectiveness of video marketing and provide an exceptional return on your investment. So take advantage of our great service and competitive prices by talking to us so we can make your company more competitive.

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Our creative team - love video, so much that is all we focus on. As soon as you submit your brief our creative team is already buzzing around the office with fresh concepts to help drive your business. Our people push the boundaries of what is possible because we want to always bring inspired creative grit and are proud of our work.
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When you partner with Visual Domain you not only get a supportive creative team you also receive our extensive experience across major projects and industries across Australia. If you can think of a video we have created it; from livestream events to high-end TVC to social media we have you covered.
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How do we create so many videos at scale? Well, we are powered by our unique and unified project management system. Our Client Hub is a 360 platform that takes the stress out of the video production process so we can focus on what we love, video.

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We make hundreds of videos a week and work hard to ensure every single one is different. We push the boundaries of what is possible because we want to always make sure we are proud of our work.
Video production is not a one-person business. It takes a small army of hungry, creative and entrepreneurial spirited people to make it happen and we celebrate them.
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We care (a lot) about our team and clients in a way that serves their needs as best possible. Whether it's hustling to bring the latest innovations to our clients or changing the way the industry does video, we don't shy away from a challenge!
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