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A Professional Approach to Explainer Video Production in Melbourne

Explaining a complex subject can be extremely difficult, especially in text form, and often doesn’t hold the attention of the reader. If this is the case, the explanation fails in its aim. Using animated marketing videos and other effects to create an explainer video in Melbourne, however, can overcome a lot of these problems and ensure the subject is explained lucidly so that the viewer understands it. From a marketing point of view, it will encourage viewers to go further, which is usually the intention.

Although the aim of explainer videos in Melbourne is to simplify a subject, producing them properly isn’t simple and so you need a professional creative video production company for an animated video production in Melbourne. At Visual Domain, we’ll ensure your videos are effective and achieve their aims.

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Multiple Uses for a Melbourne Animated Explainer Video

You can use an animated video production in Melbourne to cover many things — your company or a product or service, for example, so you can promote them in a discreet manner. It will generally identify the problem then provide a solution and describe how it works as well as illustrating features and benefits. For a marketing video production to be effective, it usually needs to:

  • be relatively short while providing everything that’s needed
  • provide a clear and concise explanation with a friendly and conversational tone that’s addressed directly to the viewer
  • focus mainly on benefits rather than features
  • have a concluding call to action.

At the end of the video, the viewer is expected to do something, which may be to access a specific web page, buy a product or something else that may be beneficial for your company. It is, therefore, an integral part of your marketing strategy, although without a blatant sales pitch, and its success will be measured in terms of how much it is watched as well as conversion rates.

Explainer videos are particularly useful when there are changes to a product or service, for new products and to provide company information. They can be posted on social media platforms to reach a specific audience or can be placed on websites — typically on the home page to cover the company philosophy and on individual product pages to explain those products.

Creative and Informative Explainer Animated Video Production in Melbourne

Animated video production Melbourne can have a huge effect on the success of your company if they’re done properly. They’re extremely cost-effective and give a great return on your investment so they pay for themselves quickly. At Visual Domain (leading corporate video production in Melbourne), we ensure they’re creative so they capture and hold the attention of viewers, are informative so viewers find them useful and give the right message so viewers take the desired action.

We can produce individual videos or a complete series of linked videos that have a specific purpose. We can personalise them with your branding and optimise them for particular platforms so they have the greatest effect. Whatever you need to cover with explainer videos, we can handle it, so contact us and we’ll tell you what we can do. Our other production services across Australia include:

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