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Brand Stories

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Every brand has a story. It’s time to tell yours.

Your brand story is not just your company history – it's your product, your philosophy, your process, and more. Customers pick up pieces of this story and internalise them with every interaction that they have with your brand. Every company has a brand story, and now it's time to tell yours.
Mission & Vision
Tell the story of why your brand exists. Paint a compelling picture of the future of your company, brand and products.
Founders & Employees
Your people are the heart of the organisation and your best cheerleaders. Put them at the forefront of your messaging.
Video is the perfect tool to capture emotion and a sense of reality - perfect to highlight the true culture of your business.

Brand Stories

Technology | Sport
ACY Securities: Brand Film

ACY Securities Brand Film Featuring Tim Cahill 

Department of Transport: Smarter Roads
The Department of Trasport communicates it's Smarter Roads Programs through this engaging video.
Tourism | Technology
Jetstar: Engineering Recruitment
Jetstar encapsulates what it is like to work for them in their latest engineering recruitment video. 
Bravura: Sonata Alta Brand Awareness Video
It's time to rethink manual processes, paper forms and much more with Bravura's Sonata Alta automation platform.
Social Advocacy
One Day x Ride for Change
Ride for Change's video shares the heartwarming journey to improve children's lives in third-world countries.
Real Estate
Lendlease: Wood Bagot Architect Profile
Come chat, about all things 'Blue and William' building project with Jason Fraser from Wood and Bagot.
Construction | B2B
Cappro Pacific: Showreel
In Cappro's latest brand showreel, immerse yourself in the realm of industry expertise and masters of construction.
Vintage Wins: BTS
In Vintage's latest brand video, they follow the journey of their winemakers during the picking season.
Education | Government
Safe Transport Victoria: Water Safety
Learn essential water safety with Safe Transport's new video, designed to keep you safe in an emergency.
Damien Hewitt - Girl From The North Country
Damien Hewitt creates hype for their latest musical Girl From The North Country.
Social Advocacy
One Day x Running For Premature Babies
One Day's heartwarming video showcases Running for Premature Babies and their support to neonatal units nationwide.
Marnong Estate: La Vetta Hype Reel
Embark on a blissful escape to Marongs Estates restaurant La Vatta in their recent hype reel.
Treasury Wine Estate: Supply Way
Treasury Wine Estate's recent hype reel incorporates animation while taking you into its world of supply chain innovations.
Development | Real Estate
MAB: Sales Centre Video - Merrifield City
MAB's recent project in Merrifield is explored in their latest hype video around the topic of 'Morning routine's'.
Diary Farmers: ACWA The Secret To The Perfect Scone
Unlock culinary secrets with Diary Farmers ACWA in their captivating video, The Secret To The Perfect Scone.
FMCG and Products | Sport
New Era: Lifestyle Brand Profile

New Era - Makers of the world's finest headwear.

Construction | Technology
Handdii: Explainer Video

Handdii use a light-hearted approach to explaining their service

Advertising | Retail
Samsonite - American Tourister Travel Duffle

Samsonite - American Tourister Travel Duffle 

AustChilli - 25th Anniversary Video

A short documentary video showcasing 'The Austchilli Story - 25 years in the making' 

Underworks - Sustainability

Turning plastic into socks, saving trees, and keeping the air clean. True sustainability.

FMCG and Products
Food Corp - Delicious x Tour Aust: Know Your Producer, TAS

This video features the regional producer/farmer/fisherman and highlights their produce, their day to day life, and the importance of their industry to Australian communities.

FMCG and Products
Food Corp - Delicious x Tour Aust: Know Your Producer, WA

This video features the regional producer/farmer/fisherman and highlights their produce, their day to day life, and the importance of their industry to Australian communities.

FMCG and Products
Carlton Draught Tank Video

Unpasteurised beer is the purist's beer, as, unlike other beers, it is not heated to 70 degrees during the brewing process. It is Carlton Draught served as the brewer intended with a lively taste profile and a smooth finish.

Social Advocacy
One Day x Surf Aid - Hands Up Campaign - Hero Vid

This is a short clip to help launch our monthly giving program - called HandsUp. 

Health care | Advertising | Development
Origin - Let's Melbourne Again Series - The Big Issue

This video is all about rebuilding confidence, creativity, and hope in Melbourne -  helping to help get our city back on its feet post-COVID.  

Second Steps: Animation Explainer

Second Steps Focused on their B2B market to explain to psychologists, NDIS supper co-ordinators, Community organisations, hospitals, and businesses around the services being offered.

Woodlea: The Next Generation

Woodlea Townhouses Video


Stockland Amberton Beach | Promo Video.

Development | Real Estate

Tullamore Development Profile.

Construction | Real Estate
REA: Builders game present The Building Game - Episode 2: Enjoying the design process

Advertising | Development
Ford x Tourism

A series of road trips in a Ford.

Advertising | Development
Ford x Tourism - VIC

ESCAPE x Ford Escape - ‘Day Trip Secrets’.

Advertising | Retail
Let's Melb - Big Issue

Building from the concept of “Let’s Melbourne Again” this series will focus on the things that make Melbourne truly unique. 

FMCG and Products
MYOB: Next Generation

MYOB - The Next Generation - Melbourne Episodes.