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Corporate Animation Services in Australia

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Empower Your Business with Corporate Animation

Animation allows you to slide scales and bend the laws of nature. With animated videos, you're free to do whatever you want. Let your imagination run wild! It gives you the ability to bring any concept, no matter how complex or out of this world, to life with ease.
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Effective Animated Video for Corporate Use

In a world where people are used to playing video games with high quality and realistic animation, you can't afford for your corporate video production to look bad in comparison. A poor quality animated corporate video will give the wrong impression of your company while no video at all will tend to suggest you're stuck in the past.

Corporate animation opens up a huge number of possibilities that you can exploit to promote your brand, to involve customers and staff members, and to generally make your business a whole lot better. But you'll only achieve your aims if you create your videos properly and that involves a lot of factors and decisions.

Different Types and Purposes of Corporate Animation but Always Effective

You can use our corporate animation services for several purposes. As a sales tool, they will increase confidence in your products and services, boosting conversion rates and improving sales revenue.Animated marketing videos can increase staff loyalty, help with brand awareness, tell people what your company's all about and really make your business stand out from its rivals. So you need to be clear who you're targeting and what you wish to achieve; we can help you with that to ensure your video succeeds in its aims.

An animated corporate video can be used for several purposes:

  • to produce a sale pitch that will create a memorable message about your product
  • as part of a presentation to potential and current customers, staff or investors
  • to respond to questions in a novel way
  • to put across a corporate message that really hits home
  • for internal use, such as to provide company information to new starters or for company updates.

Animation can be produced in 3D and, although this is very impressive, it is much more expensive than 2D, takes longer to produce and has limited additional effect. For most corporate purposes, 2D is more than adequate to hold the viewer's attention and to achieve the desired results. It can be combined with live action, text and special effects to produce truly stunning results.

Why Choose Visual Domain as Your Corporate Animation Specialist?

Founded back in 2008 by Renece Brewster and Daniel Goldstein, Visual Domain has grown over the years into Australia’s largest video production agency. When they choose us for their corporate animated videos, clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re working with the very best the industry has to offer.

Today, we have teams across the country working to produce high-quality animated video content for businesses in all sectors of the economy. We have provided over 60,500 videos to more than 6,600 satisfied customers, and we are proud to have established a strong reputation as effective and reliable experts in animated content creation that Australian businesses can always depend on.

We understand that a successful animated video for corporate is not a one-person job, but rather requires a huge mix of different skillsets and talents. And as a result, we have taken great care to build a strong team of highly trained and experienced video design experts who bring a winning combination of creative flair and technical expertise to every project they work on.

Animated Video for Corporate - Manage All Your Projects in One Place

One of the things that set Visual Domain apart from alternative video design specialists is our powerful and easy-to-use Client Hub. Here, clients are able to manage all their animated video for corporate in one place, with a convenient centralised system that makes it easy for various departments of your team to cross-collaborate with our own.

The Client Hub provides you with maximum transparency, allowing you to quickly and easily monitor everything that’s going on with regard to your content creation without clogging up your phone or emails. By making it so straightforward for you to communicate with our team and keep on top of your projects, this system allows you to make sure that the content you receive is carefully crafted to your specific requirements and preferences, each and every time.

Effective Corporate Animation Video that Really Works

Animation is more expensive to produce than live-action but it is more effective when done properly. And we always do it properly. Being the best corporate video production company, we find out your company's aims, what you hope to achieve and then we translate that into a story and a finished video that will be exactly what you need.

As with a film, the success of an animated video is often down to its ability to tell a story and to achieve a rising tempo that ends in a suitable climax. That will keep your audience interested and ensure the video achieves its aims.

Successful corporate animations require a certain degree of skill and experience that is rarely available in-house, even if you have the time. We, however, have produced countless successful videos and know exactly what is needed. We have a process that's sufficiently established to produce a video within budget and on time, but is also flexible enough to allow for your every need. By partnering with us, you'll achieve your corporate aims so get in touch now as we offer different services as well such as testimonial video production, marketing video production, and live streaming services.

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Corporate Animation

The Yield - Technology Explainer
The Yield explains through animation how their technology predict harvest conditions for customers.
Jinding promotes there elegant brand and what it can offer to their customers in its latest sleek TVC.
HESTA: Climate Change Report
HESTA's animation dives into their climate change report, showing how their super fund makes a positive impact.
Finance | Technology
MYOB: AccountRight - Product Launch

Web Browser product launch video.

Finance | Technology
Australian Super: Business Portal
Discover how Australian Super's portal simplifies managing super payments in their animation.
News Corp: Decoded Event Sizzle Reel
Witness animation excellence with D Coded's insane hype sizzle reel showcasing the latest media trends. 
Health care
Bully Zero: Hang In There

Bully Zero send out an important message after another lockdown was announced in 2020.

HiPages: App Launch

Hipages connects Australians with trusted tradies to simplify home improvements.

Advertising | B2B
Yellow Regional Animated TVC

Yellow Regional Campaign.

HESTA: Investment Expert Videos - Evergreen

Hesta uses animation to explain the benefits of evergreen investments.

FMCG and Products | Retail
Axiom: Coopers Maverick 'Great Combos'

Axiom showcase 'Great Combos' using animation for their product video

Chobani and Fraedom Partnership

Fraedom and Chobani have created this animation in order to showcase their partnership and the benefits for both parties in a capturing testimonial animation.

Independant Reserve: Bitcoin

A TV commercial to air on Ch 9 to promote crypto currency.

Deloitte + Google Cloud Partnership

"Onsite AI" is a service provided by Deloitte, that is essentially drones that use technology to quickly identify the age of a building. 

Health care | Technology
HotDoc & Genie Solutions App

HotDoc use an animation explainer to showcase their app and the benefits to Medical Practitioners

RACV - A Multi-Mode Commuter’s Favourite Journey Planner App

RACV introduce Arevo a new app to assist commuters on the move.

Paxus - Animation Explainer

Paxus Australia's Leading IT recruitment agency showcase their business using animation.

Reckon - APS Ledger

Introducing Ledger + the evolution from single ledger accounting you've been waiting for.