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Interactive Video

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Take your audience on an interactive journey designed by you.

The competition for your audience’s mental bandwidth is always growing. Interactive video drives up to three times more engagement than traditional video and offers a way to stand out. A digital video that supports user interaction through clicks, touches, or taps. It is video that goes beyond “play” and “pause.” Users engage with content, navigating the storyline and revealing their choices to you, the content creator!
Improved Viewer Retention
Actively involving your viewer in a video helps increase the chances they’ll remember what they heard, saw, or felt.
Drive Conversions
An interactive call to action (CTA) guides people through the sales funnel and convert them into customers.
Engaging and Fun
Innovative, creative, and engaging – all of which will help keep the attention of your target audience.


Health care | Education
Canesten: Women's Health
Canesten's educational series on thrush has come to life within their recent interactive video.
Politix: Spring/ Summer Look Book
Politix creates an in-video shopping experience in their latest spring interactive video campaign.
Hilton: Fiji Resort and Spa Walk through
Escape showcases the Hilton Fiji Resort and Spa in a new immersive interactive experience.
Taste in collaboration with Coles shares their Beef nacho recipe with click-to-shop interaction points.
Vogue X Dyson
Whether you're after a 90's grunge girl, or classy glam look, Dyson X Vogue has you covered in their new interactive video.
Moet & Chandon
Moet & Chandon with Vogue create an interactive video called POP! a very bubbly birthday film. 
Vudoo: Brand Explainer
Vudoo's new interactive brand explainer captures their audience's attention to promote their Vudoo platform.
Linfox introduces the 4Ds of their vision ZERO strategy in their new interactive video.
Hawthorn FC
Hawthorn Football Club create a new interactive video campaign to encourage fans to get back to the 'G'! 
Viking Cruises
Escapes' new interactive video follows Viking Cruises whilst they explore their different distinations.
Melbourne University
Melbourne University delivered a tailored Covid-19 message to their student and staff in an interactive video.
Clayton Utz
Clayton Utz creates a personalised experience for their staff in this interactive video. 
Advertising | Retail
Visual Domain: How Interactive Video Works

Let us walk you through how Interactive Video works here at Visual Domain.