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Training & HR Video

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Streamline your processes and training with the power of video.

Video is the perfect tool to communicate educational, informative, and business critical information – while saving you time, money, and resources. With increased information retention and accessibility every business should be utilising video in their training and learning and development (L&D) program.
Personalise your training videos into the shape of your organisations training program.
A video has longevity, meaning it can be used, then distributed repeatedly as long as the content remains relevant.
Reach and train a countless number of remote employees, whenever, wherever, using any device.

Training & HR

Health care
Healthscope: Patient Experience
Healthscope's latest brand video features an interview with their CEO, delving into their patient experience.
Football Aus Mini Roos: Core Skills for Soccer
Football Australians Mini Roos delves deep into the essential core skills, in their latest video series.
Real Estate
Barry Plant Bayside: Recruitment Video
Barry Plant showcases their office with testimonials from employees, highlighting the vibrant culture.
Welcome to Punters: Induction

This video is to showcase the culture and energy of Punters to be used for recruitment and induction.

The Oranges Toolkit: Camp Quality

These videos will be used in the Oranges Toolkit online training course. 

REA: Ignite Training Video

REA present their Ignite Training videos this video takes you through The Property Performance Tab

MyCar: Safety Training Video

My Car Tyre & Auto: Safety Training Videos | Move your feet