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Animation Studios in Australia

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Our animation studio. Is your animation studio.

Animation allows you to slide scales and bend the laws of nature. With animated videos, you're free to do whatever you want. Let your imagination run wild! It gives you the ability to bring any concept, no matter how complex or out of this world, to life with ease.
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How Animation Studios in Australia Can Get Results for You

Real life vs. animation: is it really a straightforward choice? The vast majority of TV commercial production use actors and scripts, so although it's real people and perhaps real locations (or maybe a studio), this is not actual reality. It's a representation of reality, and so is animation.

Animation has come a long way since Bugs Bunny and Tom and Jerry. The animation of today can convey serious matters and be extremely effective as part of a promotional campaign. What Australian animation studios can do for you is simplify things.

There will be a script, of course, but if that calls for locations and scenarios that would be difficult to set up in real life, our team of animators can create them, so they look, sound and feel like they're supposed to. The beauty of animation is that the atmosphere can be changed in an instant. If you want to show how a good thing can turn bad or a disaster can turn into a triumph, good animation can do that. We can condense time, and morph from one feeling to another seamlessly.

Are There Australian Animation Studios Near Me?

Australia animation studios are not exactly ten a penny. But we at Visual Domain have video production studios in Melbourne and Sydney where scenes in London, Barbados, Dubai, or Brisbane can be brought to virtual life, and we have offices around the country where you can talk to our people and describe to us in detail exactly what your project is, how you want to come across and what result you're aiming for. If you choose to go down the animation route, our creatives will quickly grasp what you're after and create it on your behalf. Meanwhile, if you need a marketing video production, our creatives will also help you to sort this out.

When we are working for you, we become part of your team, and while you may not have the budget or indeed the need for animation studios in Australia, for the duration of the project you will essentially have your own animation company.

How Much Client Input Do Australia Animation Studios Need?

Without your knowledge of your business, there is no basis for a video, animated or otherwise. Equally, without our creative and technical skills, there is still no video. But marry the two and you're in business. So, what Visual Domain needs from you is all the detail, all the background that will enable us to do the job authentically. And if you have ideas about content, we want to hear them. Then it's over to the creatives - and we just love taking an idea and bringing it to fruition. We can take your idea and make it a reality.

How Do I Get Started with Animation Companies?

The good news is you've found us, one of the best animation companies in Australia. Now just fill in the Get In Touch form, giving us an outline of what you're looking for, and the process can begin. You might want to look under the Pricing tab to get a general idea of the video production service in Australia cost, from great-value budget work to something more complex and sophisticated.

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Make complicated information easy for your customers to understand.
Motion Graphics
Create fresh, colourful, and dynamic, motion graphic videos hook viewers from the get-go.
2D Character
Highly versatile animation, allowing for insane customization.


Development | Technology
Woodlea: Smart Community Video

Woodlea is a community designed for easy living.

Health care
Lifestyle Solutions- Introduction - TVC

Everyone has love to give. And Lifestyle Solutions take you through the importance of the impact becoming a foster parent has on others in this Animation.

Credit 24: Audience Group: 'Sorted'
Credit24 focuses on getting you back to those moments that matter, in their latest animation.
Department of Transport: Smarter Roads
Department of Transport explains their new Smarter Roads program through a captivating animation.
Retail | Technology
MyDeal: App Explained
My Deals new app explainer animation explores how you can purchase pretty much anything in one tap.
Social Advocacy
One Day X Save The Kolas
Save The Koala's new promotional animation aims to explain their role and how we all can help.
Finance | Technology
BlueBet: App Download

BlueBet uses an animation character to promote their new app available for download.

Vic Roads - Myki Instant Top Up - TVC

Topping up your Myki has never been easier than the introduction of the new Instant Top Up.

Football Federation Australia: Cup Explainer
FFA takes you through the FFA Cup in this powerful animation explainer video.
Health care
Faction Labs: Collection Nutrition
Faction Labs markets their newest vitamin product within their animation video.
Yamaha: Making Waves
Yamaha's product video explores the experience which comes from their newest Ear Buds.
Samsonite: Curio Bag
Samsonite brand, American Tourister new animation advertisement bringing back BIGGER stories, with their new suitcase. 
Health care | Social Advocacy
International Childhood Cancer: K'Day Day Promotion
International Childhood Cancer Day's touching yet fun animation promotes their K'Day event, raising funds for kids' cancer research.
Social Advocacy
One Eighty Animation: Open Up Sessions

An informative, educational and emotive campaign video for One Eighty's 'Open Up Campaign. Created through Visual Domain's One Day Charity Arm 

Itskins - Iphone 13 Launch - Animation

The new iphone 13 has never looked better than with these Itskins cases.

The GPT Group: App Explainer
The GPT Group's animation showcases how easy it is to book a room and more on their new app.
Warrnambool Racing: 2023 TVC
Experience the thrill of Warrnambool Racing's adrenaline-fueled action in their new TVC animation.
Health care
GO2: Ozdent TVC
Join an eco-friendly journey in Go2's TVC, where we delve into the fusion of Earth love and oral care.
Football Federation Australia - FFA up - Animation

The FFA Cup has gone through some changes, with this Animation they inform their audience while hyping them up for the upcoming Tournament.

Trade Winds: Explainer
Trade Winds help's you take 'back' control of your money through their latest animation.
Itskins - Iphone 13 Launch - Animation

The new iphone 13 has never looked better than with the latest Itskins cases.

Health care
Blooms The Chemist - Blood Pressure Check
Blooms The Chemist encourages the community to have a free blood pressure check within latest animation.
NRL MyLeague App Promo Video

MyLeague is the only official app built specifically with Rugby League participants in mind.

Social Advocacy
Keeley's Cause - Super Raisers - Animation

Through Visual Domain's One Day Charity arm, we were able to assist Keeley's Cause promote their upcoming fundraiser. A fun take on the fundraiser name Super Raisers.

Yamaha - LH700A - Product Animation

This Animation shows Yamaha's latest LH700A in this quick style product Animation

ItSkins: Clear Case Animation

ItSkins use animation to launch their new hero clear phone case. 

Samsonite: American Tourister - Instagon

Samsonite - American Tourister Instagon Black.

Samsonite: American Tourister - Curio Denim Blue

Samsonite - American Tourister Curio Denim Blue.

Advertising | FMCG and Products
New Era: 2020 Cap Technology

New Era's 2020 tech product.

FMCG and Products | Retail
New Era: 2019 Giants Premiers Cap

New Era launches their new 2019 Premiers Cap with brand new technology.

Construction | Real Estate
Coral Homes: Finding The Right Home

 Build Process - Finding the right home, Signing the Paperwork, Building your new home, and aftercare.

Toyo Tires: Safe Grip Safety Product

Safe Grip, Safe Trip’ a campaign around educating people around the dangers of unsafe/bald tyres, and the benefits of good tyres.  

Tourism | Education
Shark Champion: Shark Finning

Marine Conservation Society called Shark Champions - these guys are really focused on pushing awareness and changing laws around fishing and the major loopholes that are really screwing poor lil sharks over.

FMCG and Products | Sport
Pointsbet: Cricket

Pointsbet... it's different. Remember to gamble responsibly