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Social Advocacy

Lifestyle Solutions
Lifestyle Solutions create a captivating TVC encouraging people to get involved in foster care. 
One Day X Save The Kolas
Save The Koala's new promotional animation aims to explain their role and how we all can help.
Brand Stories
One Day x Ride for Change
Ride for Change's video shares the heartwarming journey to improve children's lives in third-world countries.
Events | Trending
BCNA: Field of Women Event Hype
Experience the heartwarming moments from BCNA's recent "Field of Women" event in their special hype reel.
Brand Stories | Events | Trending
One Day x Running For Premature Babies
One Day's heartwarming video showcases Running for Premature Babies and their support to neonatal units nationwide.
One Eighty Animation: Open Up Sessions

An informative, educational and emotive campaign video for One Eighty's 'Open Up Campaign. Created through Visual Domain's One Day Charity Arm 

Djirra: 20th Anniversary Video
Djirra celebrates its 20th anniversary by telling its story and what's next for its organisation. 
The Social Studio
The Social Studio explore its purpose and how they help the community in its brand video. 
Friend in Me
Friend in Me creates an eye-catching animation that analysing the issues some children face in social settings. 
Keeley's Cause - Super Raisers - Animation

Through Visual Domain's One Day Charity arm, we were able to assist Keeley's Cause promote their upcoming fundraiser. A fun take on the fundraiser name Super Raisers.

Brand Stories
One Day x Surf Aid - Hands Up Campaign - Hero Vid

This is a short clip to help launch our monthly giving program - called HandsUp.