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End Of Financial Year Reflection With Daniel Goldstein

20 June 2017
End Of Financial Year Reflection With Daniel Goldstein

As the end of the financial year approaches, many businesses are pushing last-minute sales and deals, in the hope to maximise people's budgets before the next financial year rolls around. The end of financial year (EOFY) becomes synonymous with stocktake sales at department stores, marginally cheaper cars and an overall push for consumerism.

However, this period is also an opportunity for businesses - and in particular, leaders - to take stock and reflect on the year that has passed. It is an ideal time for a mid-year review, to contemplate the journey over the last 12 months and recognise that the relationship between the company and customers doesn't have to be one of "sell, sell, sell" but should also be about the experience.

It's time to stop, reconnect and determine whether your clients are receiving more value than they are paying for - that is the hallmark of a good business. When your business provides additional value to the customer - above and beyond the price they are paying - then it is a win-win relationship. The customers benefit from prime customer service, and the business can hope to retain customer loyalty.

So how do you connect with clients?

1. Reach out - a friendly gesture or asking "how is everything going", conveys to the client that your business cares about their welfare, and elevates you above your competition

2. Communicate with clients how your relationship has fared over the last 12 months - find out how many services you've provided to them, outline how you've grown together and potentially note any upcoming developments in your business that could benefit them

3. Send a gift to your clients - thank them for their business and demonstrate your commitment to working together in the future

4. Host an event or roundtable to discuss industry news with your clients, and broader innovation opportunities that can benefit them

5. Survey clients and ask for feedback on how you can improve their customer experience - platforms such as SurveyMonkey or Survey Planet are easy to use


Finally set yourself a goal of providing a "wow moment" - show the customer what makes your business stand out, the difference in the experience they get working with you, and how you care about each and every client. Use this opportunity to focus on your leadership moving forward, and how you can continue to improve and grow.



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End Of Financial Year Reflection With Daniel Goldstein
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