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Smart Video

Video marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience and drive actionable customer engagement. But you don't want just any video content—you need Smart Videos.

We know that smart video experiences can drive actionable customer engagement, retention, and sales. We use data driven insights to create personalised and interactive experiences that increase customer engagement across the board.
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What is personalised video?

A personalised video is a video specifically tailored to your needs. A personalised video can be used for marketing, training or product development. If you're using a personalised video for marketing purposes, the better it fits the target audience's needs, the more likely they'll act on what they see. Using data we are able to personalise any video and make thousands of personalised videos for your clients creating a memorable experience.

Benefits of personalised videos include

Break through the noise

Breaking through the noise


Higher email open rates


Higher click-through rates


Generating more prospect engagement


Building relationships that drives deal forward

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Ways to use personalised video

Medibank | Welcome

Jetstar | Club Jetstar

Nandos | End of Year Wrap

What is interactive video?

An interactive video is a video that allows the user to interact with it. It is usually a video that has clickable links or buttons in it, which allow you to click on them and go to other parts of the video or web page. For example, if you were watching a cooking show and they said "Watch this video on how to make chocolate cake", you could click on that link and it would take you to another video about how to make chocolate cake!

Learn more on how to make them for your brand.

Benefits of interactive videos include


Builds relationships


Encourages engagement


Increases brand loyalty


Helps you stand out from the crowd


Gain insights into your audience

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Ways to use interactive video

Canesten | Women's Health

Hawthorn FC | Back to the 'G'

Escape | Viking Cruises

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