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How To Send Out An eDM For Registered Live Stream Attendees

11 March 2022
How To Send Out An eDM For Registered Live Stream Attendees

So you have booked in an upcoming live stream event with us at Visual Domain, and want to make sure you are able to promote your event effectively to your registered attendees?

Look no further we will take you through exactly how we do this, what information you will receive and where to get started!

What type of eDM would I send?

Electronic Direct Mail (eDMs) is a super handy online marketing tool, used by clients to send out a directed email to customers.

Consumers have registered to your event because they are interested in hearing what you have to say. Perhaps they have previously purchased from your or are thinking about it. Sending eDM's is a powerful way to communicate and build a relationship with your audience, whilst strengthening your brand and position over time. 

They are such an effective tool to use when hosting a live event, people can so often get caught up and it's these reminders and the suspense building for the event which can be key to your event success.

Examples of how you can be communicating with your registered attendees could be: 

  • Remind of the event (1 week to go, 1 day to go, 1 hour to go, etc) 
  • Content to be covered 
  • Updates 
  • Announcements 
  • Thank you for watching

Visual Domain Live Platform

Our clients love to be able to promote their event to their upcoming registered attendees. Throughout our briefing process we make sure we understand what your activities will be so that way we can facilitate;

  • Creating a landing page
  • Creating a registration form 
  • Capture the attendees data 
  • Provide to the client the date 
  • Client uses data to send out eDMs

When our clients will be sending out eDMs to their attendees we want to make sure we are collating their data early! When we create the landing page for the event, we will ensure there is a registration form on the landing page where attendees will register their details. 


What data do we collate for our clients?

It’s here that the attendee, once directed to by the client, can register for the upcoming live stream. When the attendees have registered through the Visual Domain Live platform, we are able to capture the attendees data including:   

  • Attendee’s full name
  • Attendee’s email address 
  • Their last login
  • Their IP address
  • Operating system
  • The device they used  
  • The browser they used 

With this data, we then export out this information into a ‘comma-separated values’ (CSV) file that neatly packages up the attendees data, specifically the email address to be used for the EDM.


Okay, we have our registered attendee data - now what!?

Once you have this data you are able to use the CSV file and upload onto your email marketing service provider platform.

If you are not sure how to send these out we recommend reaching out to your Marketing Department or investigate online tools such as; Mail Chimp, Klaviyo or Vision 6, to name a few!

Please note; we do not offer eDM creation, rather we just collect the data for the client so they can do it themselves. The client always facilitates the eDM.

Do you like the sound of our Visual Domain Live Platform? Or want to hear more?

Get in touch and we can provide a live walkthrough of our platform. 


How To Send Out An eDM For Registered Live Stream Attendees
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