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The Video Production Of Three Birds Renovation Web Series

29 May 2018
The Video Production Of Three Birds Renovation Web Series

From traditional broadcast to online media: we’re making waves

The landscape of video production has changed drastically over the years and we've really shaped ourselves to be the leaders in the industry.

Whether it be with technological advances or just telling a damn good story, we've paved the way over the last 10 years.

One of the biggest shifts in media has been from traditional broadcast to online web series and we've got the magic ingredients to tell the story.

The process for developing the Three Birds Renovations web series has been about following the journey of 3 friends who left the corporate world to follow their dreams. Dreams of renovating homes. This season they tackle one of their own homes and the results are going viral.

Following a journey puts your brand in the hearts of the audiences rather than the typical broadcast 'presenter' model on how to scenarios, these's no emotional investment in that.

Launching an online web series is a completely different playing field these days, the content is owned by a client and not a network, sponsorship opportunities are even greater and there is no end on the potential reach that can be achieved (including international audiences).

So, what goes into a series like Three Birds Renovations?

Here's some insight from our Creative Director, Paul Soutar...

Three Birds are unique in their own way and have really mastered their demographic, with more than 83% of their audience seeking inspo advice from their platforms rather than some of the major networks and publications... you really have to ask yourself, how do they do it?

Firstly, know who your audience is and find what makes you different from other talents or shows out there. We have some strict guidelines and inject a lot of bespoke branded content into every episode without forgetting who's watching.

Secondly, inspire is the new catfight. A lot of well known TV celebrities are knocking on our doors because they want to inspire, but networks these days are trying to get them to create drama which goes against their personal brand. Make sure the drama doesn't involve your brand or a personal dispute, you can create drama in a talent friendly way such as 'a race against the clock' or 'a twist/change of mind'. It's friendly, relatable and promotes a positive comment conversations on social platforms.

Lastly, team up with a video production company like... ohh, I don't know....US! Visual Domain are here to share the journey with you, we invite you to take part in every step of the way, in fact we encourage it! Our process is to uncover what your ultimate goal is with your online series and we provide the most dedicated, passionate team to your series and stop at nothing to get there! This is why we are currently nominated for Mumbrella's production company of the year award.

But enough about the last step, lets talk about the first, pick up the phone and have a conversation with us. With over 100 in-house creative minds, we are the one-stop shop dominating the video industry. We would love to discuss how we can help you reach your full potential.

Watch Episode 5 of Three Birds Renovations now!

The Video Production Of Three Birds Renovation Web Series
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