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The Most Powerful Types Of Interactive Videos For Your Business

10 November 2022
The Most Powerful Types Of Interactive Videos For Your Business

For many businesses, video has become a leading marketing tool. Video is a great way for companies to tell their story and connect with customers on an emotional level. However, traditional videos have their limitations when it comes to engagement. What if you could create more than just a video? What if you could create an experience that your customers can engage with in real-time? That’s where interactive videos come in!

What is an interactive video?

An interactive video allows you to interact with the viewer.

It permits your viewers to click on and interact with various elements in the video, which can take them to a different stage in the video or to a webpage. This can be done on mobile, web or desktop devices. The interaction can be paused and the viewer can get more information about what they're looking at.

This type of interaction creates higher engagement and conversion by using in-video forms, surveys and links that convert views into leads, purchases, traffic and engagement.

Interactive eCommerce video

You've probably heard the old saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." That's true in eCommerce marketing as well. With interactive eCommerce videos, you can show customers what your products look like and how they work in action. You can also entertain viewers with engaging content that tells a story and builds brand loyalty by getting people excited about your brand or product line.

Interactive eCommerce videos allow shoppers to hover over items on the screen, making it easy for them to get close-up views of the product and see its features up close without having to click through multiple pages or wait for loading times after each click. Shoppers will appreciate this convenience when they're shopping from their smartphones or tablets because it makes browsing easier and faster than ever before!

You can even add interactive product tags within a video, sending viewers directly to checkout in just one click—no need for other forms of navigation between pages!



Interactive Sales & Marketing video

You want your customers to know you're listening. So why not use interactive videos to open two-way communication with them?

Interactive sales and marketing videos are powerful because they allow your audience to play a part in the content they're viewing. Customers are able to take their own journey through content and make their own decisions about what they like or don't like—imagine how much that can improve customer experience!



Interactive Onboarding and Recruitment video

The best thing about interactive learning-focused videos is that they can help with both onboarding and recruitment, especially if you're using them to teach employees how to do something in particular.

A good example is a tutorial video. Let's say you want your employees to learn some new software program or tool, but don't have time for face-to-face training sessions because you're so busy in other areas. An interactive learning video would allow viewers to pause and repeat at any time, allowing them to go back over anything they aren't understanding right away without having to worry about missing important information or falling behind schedule.

Interactive Learning & development video

Learning and development interactive videos can be used to teach your employees a new skill, train them on how to use new equipment, or show them how to use the software.

It's more effective than regular training sessions because employees are engaged by the content, as it's more interesting than reading manuals or watching videos online.



If you’re looking for a way to make your business stand out, then interactive video is the way to go. You can do so much more than just show off your products or services. You can create a personalized experience and give people the opportunity to engage with each other in ways they never thought possible before.

What if you could create more than just a video? What if you could create an experience that your customers can engage with in real time? That’s where interactive videos come in, contact our interactive specialists today.

The Most Powerful Types Of Interactive Videos For Your Business
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