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Case Study

A Gentle Giant Documentary

19 April 2024
A Gentle Giant Documentary

Gigabyte is a leading company that provides a variety of products for different purposes, including consumer, business, gaming, and cloud systems. They wanted to produce a video that celebrates the diversity of their products and the impact they have on people of all backgrounds and abilities, hoping to break down stereotypes of ‘gamers’ and encourage others to pursue their goals with confidence and enthusiasm.

In order to convey this message we hero’ed Rowan Crothers, an Australian Paralympic Swimmer and a force to be reckoned with.  He is the perfect example of an athlete who breaks through the expectations of his disability and stands as an example for what it means to accept and nurture our differences. He’s an inspiration for all, regardless of our unique challenges.



A Gentle Giant Documentary

We wanted the viewer to connect with Rowan on a deeper level, his personality, his challenges, ambitions, what drives him and what is important to him for ultimate performance. Throughout the film we visually show the specific features of Gigabyte products, highlighting the performance crossovers between the pool and the products; i.e. speed, focus, comfort. These visuals were weaved into the story as we followed his journey to becoming an accomplished sports and esports athlete - uncovering what a breakthrough performance means in technology, sports and life.


The Solution

The mini-documentary was filmed over two days at the Yeronga Park Memorial Pool, Brisbane, edited over three days, and went live on the 28th of December 2022 across multiple channels on Auruas ANZ account. It has achieved a large amount of video views, the campaign is currently still in progress with the project  recently being highlighted in GQ magazine. Rowan Crothers said that this film made him feel ‘'Words cannot explain how grateful i am for this opportunity to work with Auruas ANZ and Gigabyte and to be given this opportunity to tell my story in hopes to inspire others.'



A Gentle Giant Documentary