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Case Study

Unlocking the Human Stories of NAB: With Authentic Onboarding Videos

12 January 2024
Unlocking the Human Stories of NAB: With Authentic Onboarding Videos

Proudly partnering with one of Australia's top four financial giants, NAB, we specialise in crafting their compelling videos. As their Trusted Partner in Production, we transform ideas into captivating visuals. From enticing promos, enlightening education pieces, or dynamic internal communication. Our collaboration thrives on creativity and seamless teamwork, ensuring NAB's messages sparkle through the magic of visual storytelling.

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Retail & Personal Direct Recruitment Videos

NAB approached us with the task of producing new onboarding videos, aiming to enhance their employee onboarding experience

The Challenge

NAB, looking to revamp their onboarding process and enhance employee retention, approached us with a unique challenge. NAB wanted to attract new talent while ensuring their long-term commitment, which required conveying company values authentically. We aimed to create videos that would resonate with potential candidates and current staff alike.

The Solution

We embarked on a journey to create a suite of recruitment videos that would emphasise key themes such as real people, NAB support, personal growth, work-life balance, and long-term career prospects. Our strategy involved addressing these themes through a series of videos, each focusing on aspects like approachability, personal direction, career benefits, and growth factors. To bring authenticity to the project, we reached out to current staff members with diverse experiences, including long-time employees, newcomers, those who progressed within the organization, individuals with families, and those pursuing further studies.

Our approach resulted in ten tailored recruitment videos featuring real employees sharing their stories. These videos are now used effectively in job ads, LinkedIn campaigns, and internal communications. They communicate NAB's commitment to employee growth, work-life balance, and long-term career prospects specific to various roles.



Unlocking the Human Stories of NAB: With Authentic Onboarding Videos