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Hawthorn FC launches interactive video to get fans back to the 'G'!

29 March 2022
Hawthorn FC launches interactive video to get fans back to the 'G'!

Time to leave the nest! Visual Domain partners with Hawthorn Football Club to create an interactive video campaign, encouraging fans to get back to the ‘G’! 

Media Release: Visual Domain.
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Australia's largest video production company, Visual Domain has joined forces with the iconic Hawthorn Football Club to create an interactive video series, encouraging Hawks fans to return to the stands and support their club, post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Featuring Hawthorn Football Club superstars, Jack Gunston, James Worpel, and Club Legend David Parkin, the video showcases Melbourne footy culture, an iconic pre-game ritual, and marching as one to the home of footy, the MCG. Alongside the nostalgic film moments, viewers can interact with the video, customising their footy-day adventure.

The initiative was derived from the post-Covid-19 decline in sporting event attendance. The three-minute video enticed supporters to become members again and come back to the stands instead of opting for at-home viewing. 

“We wanted to create really engaging, emotive, and interactive content that would resonate with our Melbourne-based members and fans. Our members in particular have been extremely resilient over the past two seasons with major disruptions to the football season. This campaign is a fantastic reminder of the unforgettable experience watching a Hawks game live at the ‘G can be, and just how important we value crowds at our games!” said Jeremy Millard, Hawthorn FC.

Visual Domain Director, Dave Mallen said “Being a Melbourne-based company, our team felt extremely passionate about this project! Like most Melburnians we’ve grown up with footy at the center of our culture, so we felt really passionate about getting the Hawks back on track for a successful 2022 season.”


Visual Domain allows brands and organisations, just like the Hawthorn Football Club, to uniquely customise their video content, by including the following interactive elements: 

  • Call-to-action: buttons and links driving viewers to a website to shop, browse and learn more 
  • Custom pop-ups: use dynamic information and content, and embed them in a video. From product showcases to image slide shows, the sky’s the limit. 
  • Shoppable videos: drive direct sales with add-to-cart features and in-video catalogs. 

These features make the videos so memorable - they are user-focused, giving the user the optimal experience by making them feel like they are part of the narrative. 

With these videos, a viewer can participate in the process, choose paths and watch only the parts they want to. A typical interactive video has different plots and based on the viewer's actions, is led into different pathways and endings. 

Unlike regular videos, interactive videos engage the customer, allowing them to choose their journey.

We’ve seen how effective interactivity in video content can be - putting consumers in the driver’s seat, enabling them to control their own video experience. It’s also a great way to gain insight into consumer behaviors and how they view and digest content,” said Visual Domain Founder, Renece Brewster.”

Chief Innovation Officer at Visual Domain Netanel Teicher said, “We’re always pushing the boundaries for our clients here at Visual Domain. We invest heavily in the latest technology, ensuring our clients have every opportunity to optimise and enhance their content output. One of these improvements is our interactive technology, which can be seen in our recent campaign for Hawthorn Football Club. “

Director: Dave Mallen
Producer: Al Currie
Director of Photography: Sean Kirkwood
Editors: Sabine Battel and Indi Christy

Hawthorn FC launches interactive video to get fans back to the 'G'!