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Tourism Cowra launches Chris Hemsworth campaign via Visual Domain

13 October 2021
Tourism Cowra launches Chris Hemsworth campaign via Visual Domain

 Media Release: Visual Domain

Tourism Cowra, with partner in production Visual Domain, has launched a new tourism campaign to ‘Get Chris to Cowra’.

The tongue-in-cheek Get Chris to Cowra YouTube video showcases the best of the Central West NSW region in a bid to get Hollywood superstar Chris Hemsworth and his family to visit the charming, quintessential Aussie town.


Get Chris to Cowra - Cowra Tourism Corporation

The campaign is being promoted predominantly over Facebook and Instagram, along with Twitter and the official Get Chris to Cowra website.

The campaign has a broad target audience, says Cowra Tourism Corporation tourism manager Glenn Daley.

“It's Australia-wide and we're looking at Chris Hemsworth and Marvel fans, fans of regional Australia and travel. What we're really looking at is to get Cowra on the minds of as many people as possible.”

Creative video production company Visual Domain has captured the region’s landmarks and attractions. The narrative unfolds with two tourism officials deciding to build a giant Chris Hemsworth statue dubbed the ‘The Big Chris’, ultimately enticing the Aussie actor to visit himself.

Daley says the campaign highlights Cowra as an “incredible regional holiday destination”.

“Cowra has a number of amazing country experiences as highlighted in the campaign - from relaxing along the extensive waterways and exploring the tranquil Japanese Gardens to the amazing boutique vineyards and superb local food and wine,” says Daley.

“We wanted to do something different to showcase Cowra to the rest of Australia. Chris is such a great Aussie bloke and we wanted to get his attention with all the fantastic things the region has to offer.”

The campaign encourages Aussies to sign the #GetChrisToCowra petition, with plans to build The Big Chris inspired by iconic statues such as The Big Banana, The Big Pineapple, and The Big Prawn.

The Blueprint for the Big Chris

The Big Chris 

Visual Domain co-founder and CEO Renece Brewster says the campaign is a boost to the tourism industry.

“We are so proud to work on this project to showcase Cowra - especially when the tourism industry has been impacted with ongoing challenges as a result of the global pandemic,” says Brewster.

“Many Australians are itching to travel and there’s never been a better time to explore our beautiful backyard and support local regions and communities like Cowra.”

Client: Tourism Cowra Corporation
Campaign Brief: Visual Domain
Production Company: Visual Domain

Crew: Kade Robinson, Angela Nightingale, Matt Bragg, Bianca Perillo, Matt Florance, Arna Toffolo

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Update 18th October

'Chris-tastic' news as Hemsworth sends his love to Cowra and accepts the invitation

Hollywood heart-throb Chris Hemsworth has agreed to visit a town in the New South Wales' Central West after it asked him to become its ambassador.

"A little bit of disbelief," Cowra Tourism manager Glenn Daley said.

"I was actually out in the paddock doing some farm stuff, and the assistant manager called and said 'we've got him!"

Hemsworth has promised to come to Cowra in 2022 after he has finished filming a movie overseas.

Mr. Daley said this will give them time to roll out the red carpet.

"It'll allow us to do more on the marketing campaign. Not only that, we need some time to dust off the good china and give the town a bit of a once-over to make sure it's Chris-worthy," he said.

The campaign was launched to try to boost local tourism after years of drought and more recently the COVID-19 pandemic.

Chris Hemsworth has accepted the offer

We will keep you up to date when we hear any further updates!


Tourism Cowra launches Chris Hemsworth campaign via Visual Domain