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Presenter-Led Video AI

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? With Video Ai you can turn any script into an eye-catching and engaging presenter-led video. And guess what? You don’t need to be a pro video editor to make it happen.

You now have the ability to grow your business and create engaging videos that will build an emotional connection with your product and brand in a matter of minutes.

Discover the potential of how humanised Ai video content can have on your business grow today.
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Create presenter-led videos in 3 steps:

Step 1 - Check out our extensive selection of video templates and layouts that are guaranteed to fit like a glove.

Step 2 - Get ready to personalise your video, choose from your preferred character, voice, and enter your text. Then let our AI video technology work its magic to create a video that is not only professional but engaging too.

Step 3 - With our video marketing platform, you can easily create and share your presenter-led video with your audience. Say goodbye to needing complicated technical skills, just let our Video Ai Software do the heavy lifting!

Character Library

We believe in giving you as many options as possible! That’s why we offer over 100+ characters to choose from, plus we’re always adding more!


Voice Library

We know that finding the right voice for your presenter-led video is important! That's why our Video Ai Platform makes it easy for you to customise your character voice to match your brand's tone and style.

You can choose from a variety of different tones, fluencies and accents to ensure you create the perfect presenter-led video for your brand.



Our powerful API integration combined with our Video Ai Software takes care of the hard work for you, creating hundreds of presenter-led videos simultaneously, all from your own text!

Brand Kit

Brand Kit

You know what they say - a brand needs to be consistent and instantly recognisable!

That’s why our Video Ai Platform makes it easy for you to define your brand throughout all your video content, from logos to colour and fonts. Ensuring that no matter the purpose of your presenter-led video it will align with your brand’s requirements ensuring you have a consistent look.
Brand Kit

Video Templates

Are you ready to take your presenter-led videos to the next level?

Our Video Ai Software has your back, giving you the ability to easily apply one of our many layout templates to give your presenter-led video a slick and professional look.

Video Templates


Looking to spice up your presenter-led videos with captions? Our Ai Software has you sorted!

With our Ai Video capabilities, we can add captions in any language to your video in a matter of seconds.


Want to make your videos pop?

Upload your brand's existing images, videos, PowerPoint slides and sound lines into our Video Ai Software and watch as it transform your assets into custom humanised videos in no time.



Say 'bonjour', 'hola', or 'ni hao' to creating videos in multiple languages with ease!

Just select the language from our library, add your text, and you're set! Our Video Ai Software will do the rest to create humanised videos that connects with audiences across the globe.

Collaboration Tools

Want to collaborate with your colleagues on your next humanised video project?

With our Video Ai Software, it's as easy as inviting them to join in! You can work together to create your presenter-led video and make sure it's the best it can be.

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Use Your Video

Ready to show off your awesome presenter-led video?

With our Artificial Intelligence Video Software, you can download it as an mp4 or use our handy embed code to share it on all your social media channels.
And why stop there? Add it to your website, landing pages, product descriptions, ads, and even your e-commerce store!
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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Video AI platform that you offer?
Our Video AI tool Reals is a cutting-edge web-based platform that allows you to create top-notch videos using AI characters. With its scalability and ease of use, thousands of companies have already turned to Reals to produce professional presenter-led videos at scale.
What skill level is needed to use this platform?
Visual Domain’s Video AI tool ‘Reals’ makes video creation a breeze, with no additional tools, equipment, or editing skills required. Simply select your preferred character and voice, write your video script, add some visuals and audio, and voila! You're ready to generate a stunning video that's sure to impress.
Can I make a custom character of myself, a team member, or an animated character?
Yes, of course. Please chat to our team and we can start the conversation.
Is it possible to make these characters say whatever I want?
While Reals offers a great deal of flexibility, it is intended primarily for professional business use with strict content guidelines. As a result, we request that all users maintain a level of professionalism and relevance when drafting scripts. Any content that is political, sexual, personal, criminal, or discriminatory is prohibited and will not be approved.
Are these characters based on real people?
Yes, our characters are all based on video footage of real actors with their consent. It is taken through our AI system which creates new videos from the text. You can create your own character by enquiring through our enterprise inquiry form.

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