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3 Reasons a Business Should Consider Video Production Services

22 December 2020
3 Reasons a Business Should Consider Video Production Services

Global online video traffic grew 4-fold between 2015 to 2020. We'll continue seeing this rise as people turn to video content for entertainment and education. We'll also likely see mass adoption of video in the coming years, by businesses attempting to market products, as we saw with written content.

What does all this mean for you, the business owner or the marketing team? Well, video production services are (else will be) one of the best investments for your organisation. Here's why.

Adaptive Brand Strategy

Video now accounts for 60%+ of all Internet traffic. Look no further in the rapid rise of YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and other video platforms for verification. What this means, for business owners, is a fundamental shift in their ad & marketing efforts.

Online video is how many discover new products (especially among Gen Z). Of course, you have to be present on the platforms they use and connect with them through the content they enjoy.

With professional video services:

  • You can leverage the in-demand videos users love watching
  • Quickly produce content in response to trends and events

If you're a progressive business then adapting strategies for a younger audience puts you in an advantageous position. Older types, though slow with adoption, are consuming more and more video, too. So, your adoption of a digital marketing strategy that includes video production services is setting your organisation up for long-term success.

A Hands-Off Approach 

The barrier to entry for video production is pretty low these days thanks to easy-to-use tools and hardware. But, you and the audience will certainly see a difference in quality between amateur and professional production(s). 👐

Why hand it to the experts? Well:

  • Have a strong command of video production principles and techniques
  • Offer the equipment and software needed for production (e.g. less investment on your end)
  • They have a refined process that delivers results vs endless project creep by in-house efforts

Through business video production services, you and your team get to continue what they do best. There isn't a learning curve and high up-front costs because all that frustration and needs are handled by the pros.

A Personalised Touch

Storytelling is an art.

Visual storytelling through video production requires a lot of creative talent, skills, and industry knowledge. Through personalised videos, you can tell stories and truly connect with your audience. This isn't as easily done through amateur attempts. You often have just one shot at connecting with audiences -- so you'll want a strong, professional presentation.

Through professional business video production:

  • Get access to hundreds of creatives (each with uniques concepts, styles, and vision)
  • Explore various video categories and types that best suit your business and goals

Telling brand stories through small business video production will get your point across. The high production, quality sound, and creative vision could very well be what puts your business (and brand) front and centre in your market.

Explore Video Production Services by the Professionals

There is a lot to be gained when leveraging video production services by the professionals. From faster turn-around times and going with content trends to a touch of personalisation, video is what you'll want to explore this year and the next.

So, are you ready to take the leap into visual media? Check out how we work and let's collaborate!

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3 Reasons a Business Should Consider Video Production Services
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