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5 Live Stream Ideas to Help Boost Brand Awareness

24 June 2022
5 Live Stream Ideas to Help Boost Brand Awareness

Did you know that 83% of B2B companies are on social media? Eighty-two per cent of buyers report that social media influences their purchases. 

If you have been brainstorming live stream ideas, using your social media platform is an excellent starting point since it is popularised and appeals to new and existing customers. But if you want more help boosting brand awareness and standing out from the crowd, we have you covered. 

In our guide, we will go over the top 5 live stream ideas that can increase awareness and start bringing in new customers, so keep reading for more information!

1. Align With Your Brand Identity

Although this isn't a unique concept, any ideas for live streaming you might brainstorm must align with your brand identity. Live streaming is an excellent way to have more intimate conversations with consumers or the community. 

Take a moment to talk about company goals, recent projects, and upcoming events. Live stream marketing won't work unless you are excited about what the company's mission and goals are. 

2. Develop Loosely Scripted Videos

If you have watched any live streaming, it is relatively easy to tell who feels comfortable in front of the camera and who doesn't. Not everyone will be a natural at it, and it looks even worse if you only have them read off a teleprompter or memorise scripts. Instead, talk about content ideas with the team beforehand or consider using professionals or influencer marketing.

Develop a general idea of what you want to talk about, highlighting features or stories, and identify which team members will speak at what time. Lastly, consider adding in a question and answer section at the end. This keeps conversation natural and unscripted, allowing the community to develop a more personal relationship with your company. 

3. Show Rather Than Tell

No one wants to watch a person sit in front of a screen and talk the entire time. Approximately 65% of the population

are visual learners. And visuals help boost learning by 400%, allowing individuals to process information easier.  


4. Don't Push Sells 

Although you are trying to build a consumer base, you don't want to sound like you're giving a sales pitch during a live stream. Make it conversational, bring in outside opinions, interact with viewers, and promote your brand through relationship-building. Schedule regular live streams for consistency and long-lasting relationship with consumers. 

5. Use Data Analytics

While it isn't the fanciest live stream marketing idea, data analytics can help increase brand awareness. At Visual Domain, we can help your company facilitate your marketing ideas through:

  • Creating a social media or custom landing page
  • Optimising data for future events
  • Tracking relevant metrics (e.g., viewer numbers, engagement)
  • Utilise communication channels appropriately (e.g., surveys, live-chat options)

Monitoring metrics and utilising the right platform can put your company above other competitors and help you remain engaged with new customers.  

Utilise Your Live Stream Ideas

You may already have plenty of live stream ideas, but if you don't have a plan to implement them using data, metrics, and appropriate platforms, you may set yourself up for a long road ahead. Instead, taking the initiative now to plan and coordinate your live stream will pay off by developing and keeping consumer relationships. 

At Visual Domain, we can help you develop a platform, find a location, and pre-record elements if needed. Contact us today for a more in-depth pricing list to get started!


5 Live Stream Ideas to Help Boost Brand Awareness
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