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The Latest Social Media Video Trends in 2017

07 April 2017
The Latest Social Media Video Trends in 2017

With marketing trends constantly in flux it can be hard to stay at the top of the game. One trend that is not going away anytime soon is social media videos.

Brands and companies have cottoned onto the fact that when video is done right, it can be the winning factor of their social media strategy.

But what makes a social media video great?

Create content for your audience

The best social media content is created by people who know their audience demographic.

Don’t fabricate your ‘ideal’ audience. Instead track down who your real audience is through market research and use this information to form your strategy. And remember, what seems smart, funny or irreverent among co-workers in your office will not always transfer to the wider audience if you don’t first consider who they really are.

Use bite size content to engage

Great content doesn’t need to be a feature length film. It’s actually quite the opposite. Bite size content that engages and encourages people to comment and share is what you should be aiming for.

Allow video to boost customer knowledge

A unique quality of video is its capacity to allow brands and companies to answer customer inquiries visually. For example, if you offer a product or service, video also allows you to educate customers of the solution that your product or service provides.

A classic example of this is how-to videos. Data released by Google shows that for 2015, North America watched 100 million hours of how-to content with beauty, home improvement and cooking related videos scoring the highest number of hits.

Create content that relates to your industry and audience

This year, Visual Domain has been working with brands to create topical content that is relevant to their industry and audience. You may be wondering, but how does this work?

If you’re a real estate group, you don’t need to post every video that you create to tell everyone how good you are. Instead, you can show your audience by creating content that relates to the real estate industry like tips on how to declutter your kitchen, bathroom trends, or outdoor furniture and the latest looks.

People today are more curious and better informed than ever before. We all have a wealth of information available at our fingertips, so it’s important to stand out in order to truly engage with your social media videos.

After all, content needs to add value, teach, inform and help the audience develop a closer connection with the brand or company!

We’ve created content for clients that has received hundreds of thousands of views, hundreds of comments and shares. Would you love this exposure for your brand?

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The Latest Social Media Video Trends in 2017
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