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6 Reasons to Add Video Into Your EOFY Strategy

03 June 2022
6 Reasons to Add Video Into Your EOFY Strategy

What if you were overlooking the best possible EOFY strategy for your business?

Video is hotter than ever before. In fact, 54% of consumers wish marketers would create additional video content. And 80% of marketers report that video production has increased their sales.

Looking for more reasons to use video a part of your EOFY strategy? Keep reading to learn everything you need to know!


Check out our EOFY announcement video. 

1. More Conversions

At EOFY, sales matter more than ever. And you should know that increasing conversions is one of the biggest benefits of video!

In fact, video can help boost conversions by as much as 86%. Video might just be the single best way to boost your bottom line.

2. Solid ROI

Some companies hesitate to use external video production for businesses because they think it will cost too much. However, video marketing offers an ROI that businesses can't ignore!

3. Spice Up Email Marketing

Email marketing fits in very well on your website and across social media. However, one of the more overlooked areas where video can shine is an email marketing campaign.

Consumers are likelier to open a marketing email if it has a video, especially if you put "video" somewhere in the subject line. The reason is simple: video helps you "show, not tell" the benefits of your products and services. Precision Marketing reports that video can increase your clickthrough rates by up to 300%!

4. Build Trust With Audiences

How do you think streamers and influencers on YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch became so successful? They discovered a simple secret: video helps build trust with different audiences. This is why so many people seek out video reviews before they buy a product.

Creating your video content helps establish trust around your products, services, and brand. It helps you control the narrative regarding your public image, which is that much more important ahead of the EOFY.


Take a look at our EOFY Hype video released prior to our announcement.

5. Boost Your SEO

Your goal should be to get more clicks and more brand awareness. Fortunately, these are part of the natural benefits of video marketing.

Adding video to your site boosts SEO because viewers find the content more engaging. And you can take your brand awareness and visibility to the next level by also posting the video to YouTube.

6. Reach More Mobile Users

More people browse the internet via mobile than on desktop. With even more people viewing videos via mobile devices.

Reaching this audience is crucial to reaching your EOFY goals. Boosting your video content is a natural way to reach these users while reaping other marketing benefits.

Get help from the video production experts today!

Now you know why video is so important for your EOFY strategy. But you don't know where to start with the production process.

Here at Visual Domain, we specialize in creating high-quality videos that help your company to succeed. To see how we can transform your business and build to your next EOFY strategy, contact us today!

6 Reasons to Add Video Into Your EOFY Strategy
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