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Benefits Of Using Videos On Social Media

04 April 2022
Benefits Of Using Videos On Social Media

Social media videos have become increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder. Video can drive massive growth for your brand, so if you want to expand your online presence and increase sales – video is the way to go!

Here we share some of the many benefits of using videos on a range of social media platforms.

Video as a Sales Tool

We all know the old sayings, “A picture is worth a thousand words” and, “You need to see it to believe it.”

So, it’s no surprise that video is such a powerful social media sales tool.

Be it Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, or Twitter, videos on social media really pack a punch. And research suggests that users are more likely to purchase or engage after viewing a brand’s video

With video, you can be bold, dynamic, imaginative, and creative in how you showcase your brand, service, or product. Video also allows you to add context that is difficult to achieve using just words or photos. 

Video is becoming increasingly popular, but currently, it’s shared less often than, say, text or a single picture, so you’re more likely to stand out and reach a wider audience with video.

More great news – with video, less is often more. So, simple concepts often work best, and you don’t need to spend a fortune to create your video.

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Repurpose Video across Various Social Media Platforms

Initially, producing video content will take more time than just taking a photo, BUT once created, you can use your video across multiple social media platforms to reach different audiences, including TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. And, the more users you reach, the greater your return on investment. 

You can even repurpose and convert your video in others ways, for example, Instagram Feed videos to Facebook, Instagram Stories to Pinterest Video Pins, and Instagram Live.


There’s nothing like an eye-catching video to grab your attention when scrolling through social media. And it seems many social media users agree. 

We’re all guilty of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms, so what better way to reach out than through an engaging video. Video is more likely to grab users’ attention quickly – and hold their interest for engagement and sharing.

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Social Media Video is Growing in Popularity

Yep, social media users love videos, and they’re keen to keep watching it! Video on social media is becoming increasingly popular across all channels, including platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. 

Add the Covid-19 pandemic into the mix, and users are expecting entertaining and engaging content more than ever – and what better way to achieve this than video!

Increased Engagement and Exposure with Video

Log onto social media and you’ll probably see video content almost immediately. Typically, video performs well with most algorithms because it captures our attention for a longer period. Some examples include:

  • Tweets with video receive around ten times more engagement
  • Pinterest video pins are located at the top of Pinterest mobile app search results – instantly grabbing the attention of audiences and holding that attention for longer
  • Compared to other content types, Instagram videos generate greater engagement

To encourage adoption, most social media platforms also like to boost new features – and many of these are videos.

Video is Personable

There really is no better way to engage with users than video. Video, as opposed to text or pictures, helps to create an emotional connection and adds a personal touch. Your audience wants to feel connected and learn about your brand and what you offer, and video is a great way to achieve this. 

It’s no wonder that animated marketing videos are increasingly becoming the most engaging and popular communication channel across social media. 


Video Appeals to Younger Audiences

Gen Z (10 to 25 year age range) have grown up with social media and are likely to be more connected to the internet than older users. 

TikTok videos are a great example of this and are extremely popular with the Gen Z audience. Why not connect to younger users and build engagement with a TikTok video strategy!

Video is Accessible for Longer

A fantastic benefit of social media videos is that not only do they typically achieve more engagement than other content such as photos and text, but videos generally have a longer shelf life. 

Because video content usually achieves a higher number of shares and interactions, it usually hangs around for longer, often accessible for weeks or even months after its initial publication. A TikTok video in a user’s "For You Page" is a perfect example of this. 

The above are just some of the great benefits of using videos on social media. 

Successful content marketers realise these benefits of the video when delivering consistent content to current and potential social media users. 

So, for increased engagement, sales, and audience growth, why not give the video a go across your social media platforms! Contact us today to discuss your social media video content today. 


Benefits Of Using Videos On Social Media
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