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Engage and Entice: The Top Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

23 June 2020
Engage and Entice: The Top Benefits of Video Marketing for Business

If you're trying to really get your brand to the next level, you need to start embracing video content right now.

Not only is Australia one of the most active countries in the world on social media, but we also digest video at a high rate. In fact, some unique 15 million people in Australia access YouTube each month. 

With a winning video marketing strategy, you can grow site traffic, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and increase conversions all at the same time. 

Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of video marketing for your company or brand. 

The Benefits of Video Marketing and Why You Should Embrace It

You need to use video no matter what industry you're in. It's helpful for solo entrepreneurs that run personal finance to travel blogs. Video is useful for small businesses and corporations alike. 

It's important to recognise the importance of these marketing campaigns. 

Here are some of the benefits of video marketing:

1. Video is one of the Best SEO Tools Right Now

When you're trying to gain some ground in your industry, you have to improve on your search engine optimisation (SEO). Video happens to be the best tool for it. 

By publishing video content regularly, you will get more search engine hints and an improvement in traffic. This gives you a chance to improve your rank as you also grow your brand. 

Video also provides the best mobile optimisation. Right now, mobile viewership on YouTube is increasing by 100 per cent every year. 

Since mobile optimisation is an important part of SEO, video will be helpful. 

2. You Give Your Brand a Personal Touch

Video is also important from a qualitative point of view. It allows you to get creative in a way that sets you apart. 

Video marketing helps you reach people in unique ways. You can start a vlog, go live or create a scripted series. Video can also help you deliver personal messages, and your brand will be better for it.

There are literally millions of viewers to be had, and you don't need an expensive setup to start posting either. It doesn't cost much to buy some lights and microphones, and you can even use your phone for high-quality videos in most cases. 

3. It Will Make Your Sales Conversions Go Up

No matter what, the point of video marketing is to increase your revenue. With video marketing, man businesses notice a direct increase in sales conversions.

Video is an especially helpful tool when you're rolling out digital products. They're easily embedded into sales landing pages and provide a powerful, personable call to action. Video helps to explain your products to people better. You can use demonstrations, reviews, sales pitches and more to educate your audience. 

From that point on, they're more informed and more likely to make a purchase. 

4. Video is Where the People Are 

Keep in mind that video content marketing is also a matter of adaptation. You increase your chances of success by simply putting out video content because this is where all the people are. 

Right now, there are more than 2 billion YouTube users around the world. People tune in to YouTube and other video outlets insatiably. They tune in on their computers, cell phones, tablets, video game systems and other devices. 

No matter your message, you are more likely to hit your mark when you are speaking to the biggest pool of people. 

Whether you're shooting home video or taking a Go Pro on the road with you, there's an audience out there for you.

5. Going Live Provides Lots of Personal Interaction

Another useful byproduct of the evolution of video content is the ability to live stream to broad audiences. Anyone in the world today can whip out their cell phone and start talking to potentially millions of people on the fly. 

This is even more personable than a well-produced and edited video. Going live on platforms like Instagram and Facebook can act as a feeder system for your more produced videos and products.

You can also publish these live streams for later viewing for people who didn't tune in originally.

When people get used to tuning in, you become part of their days and weeks. You will be front of mind, when they are making their purchasing decisions.

6. It Is an Excellent Storytelling Tool

Since there's so much competition out there when it comes to web attention, you need to make your content as engaging as possible. The best way to do this is through quality storytelling. 

You can be humorous, informative or inspirational. Regardless, strive to master the art of storytelling with video technology.

In fact, since you can't produce too much video today, you should use it as an opportunity to learn how to tell stories. Use this as an opportunity to include quality editing as well. The inclusion of graphics, music and effects can really drive your points home. 

7. Your Video Marketing Can Go Hand in Hand With Other Forms of Marketing

One of the best parts of video marketing is that it is fluid and flexible.

You can weave it into e-mail marketing, social media marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Video also complements your blogging, podcasting and any other type of marketing. 

In fact, video enhances all of these and can be useful as a foundation. The same video you post on Instagram or your blog can also be uploaded to YouTube.

So no matter where your traffic comes from, there's always an opportunity for intersectionality. You can build communities around the web and grow your exposure significantly. 

Keep Video Marketing at the Front of Your Mind

The benefits of video marketing are plentiful, especially if you can get the hang of it and hammer out a strategy. 

Without question, creating videos is one of the most useful ways to create content right now. The rewards are clear, and you can get started today. 

We'd love to help you with all your video needs. Reach out to learn more about us and the services we can provide!


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Engage and Entice: The Top Benefits of Video Marketing for Business
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