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My First 3 Months at Australia's Largest In-House Production Company

18 November 2018
My First 3 Months at Australia's Largest In-House Production Company

As I approach three months at Visual Domain - Australia’s largest and fastest production company, I wanted to share some insights as to what I’ve learnt about the production industry and what the business here is set up to achieve in the months and years to come.

The first thing I learnt about the business is the team is dynamic, I still haven’t met every videographer as they are on the road, hustling to get the best content for our clients, these guys are seriously good and very adaptive. One minute they can be shooting a property profile for a real estate agent, the next minute they can be producing a high budget TVC for the likes of or ANZ.

The caramel sauce so to speak to the sundae are our editors, these editors create the story, ably supported by Producers, they know how to make a story from the content provided and layer animation and visuals to bring the story to life. Together when you combine the editors, animators and videographers there are 100 + people inside the business.

The business model
The business model is structured to be adaptive, fast paced and value for money. We are ably able to get production costs to such an affordable level for our clients due to the scale and systems built. The business model all functions around a flow through the VMS system. A custom built system that manages the job from order to delivery, ensuring clients have ongoing updates of where the project is at and when delivery is expected.

Further to this, the business model is built around collaboration not just taking orders. The business is focused on creating a relationship and getting clients amazing value for money, evident by the repeat business that come through. For a medium that’s been considered notoriously expensive, the introduction of our starter pack that I have delivered for 10 clients in my first three months has been amazing, each client has received a variation of video content (between 3-5 high end videos) for $5,000 and each client has been blown away with the production outputs.

Further to this, our division focused on Brandtainment is a good example of how the business has moved towards storytelling rather than deliver content. Creating content stories for the likes of Three Birds which has now had over 1.3 million views is a good example of this. We’ve integrated 46 brands organically who have leveraged this content to their network - creating partnerships that are so organic, you wouldn’t know we were behind it.

Ultimately the business is focused on debunking the notion that video needs to be slow, expensive and challenging, and rather focuses on video being fast, affordable and easy.

This leads on to some key learnings of what clients have mentioned are the features and benefits of working directly with us. Three key points spring to mind.

  • Fast
  • Affordable
  • Approachable

The above three terms are the most commonly explained pieces of feedback once clients have used our products. The most popular product we have delivered for clients in my three months here is our Full Day Shoot - allowing clients to get up to 8 hours of filming and 12 hours of editing for $5,000. This can be adapted for clients who need less or more and sometimes we have booked a 2 hour job that’s turned in to an ongoing relationship where we’ve produced hundreds more. The product mix is imperative as it allows us to provide different products, at different price points for our clients. Because of this I believe we have products for those who have never tried videos before, all the way to ASX listed companies who need a new TVC.

The culture

A sausage dog, a labrador, ping pong table and fruit. The culture at Visual Domain is built off a large amount of trust and transparency. Because of this each person knows their roles and plays it - clients are amazed to see when they come in to the office that up to 15 different individuals can touch your project, and what’s even more amazing is those clients that don’t visit the office have a seamless experience with just one individual. The business is focused on outputs and hitting deadlines, but having fun along the way. We get to work with the best clients across all industries and tell their stories, and the team has a lot of fun in doing it.

If you want to know more about the solutions we offer, reach out to me - I’d love to have a chat and discuss how we can get started in making your first video. Don’t be scared about your budget and think we are too expensive, you’ll be amazed where a coffee can take you.

Written by Todd Schulberg

Sales Manager

M: 0438 285 198

My First 3 Months at Australia's Largest In-House Production Company
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