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Training & Safety Video Campaign With Fulton Hogan 2017 | Case Study

02 August 2017
Training & Safety Video Campaign With Fulton Hogan 2017 | Case Study


Animated Video Productions Melbourne

Fulton Hogan approached Visual Domain with a concept for a public awareness campaign, designed to educate people about the safety of road workers. They provided the slogan and the ideas of filming on the road and interviewing road workers. Our team developed a concept and creative direction around the ideas that were given to us. The videos were to be designed according to social media specifications and dimensions, with the intention that the videos would be shared primarily as part of a social media campaign.




Our Senior Producer Adam, prepared a storyboard based on the direction given by Fulton Hogan. After consulting with the videographer, Adam and the team decided to head out on the road and film the road workers on site. The safety of our crew was of paramount importance, particularly as we were filming on a busy highway. We also captured drone footage of the road workers in action to provide an aerial view of the busy roads.

Each of the videos we created, were centred on telling the story of one person at a time. Our team captured the road workers in action, and interviewed a few of them about their personal experiences.


Social media accounts were created by the client for the sole purpose of sharing this campaign. The videos were publicised on Facebook and Twitter and took off immediately.


Norm Facebook
A snapshot of our video on the See the Cones,Obey the Zones Facebook page.




Animated Video Productions Melbourne

The first video was publicised on Facebook and was viewed 230,000 times, shared 1,346 times, and had over 1,000 individual engagements with the post (reactions / likes). The second video received 131,000 views, 992 shares and 1,300 individual engagements (reactions / likes) with the post. Due to the success of the campaign and the viral nature of the videos, the campaign was picked up by the Greater Shepparton City Council website and the WIN Shepparton news channel and featured on live television. Additionally, Channel 9 Presenter Peter Hitchener retweeted the campaign to his 41,000 followers. Finally, the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce asked to feature the clips in their offices.

Greater Shepparton City Council - 16 June 2017

Training & Safety Video Campaign With Fulton Hogan 2017 | Case Study
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