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How Can Product Videos Help You Sell to Remote Customers?

25 May 2020
How Can Product Videos Help You Sell to Remote Customers?
Did you know YouTube has around 2 billion users worldwide? It's second only to Facebook, which has around 2.5 billion active users.

Considering YouTube is a video-sharing platform and videos are becoming the more popular form of posts on Facebook, we can say that people consume videos more than any other type of media each day. How can you use this to sell a product to remote customers?

This is where product videos come to play. What are product videos, you ask? It’s a general term for videos about a product, whether it’s instructional, a review, or a preview.

But why a video? Why not a basic post, an image, or an infographic?

That’s what we’re learning today. Dive in to know how you can use videos to sell your products and what other benefits it can bring to your business.

1. Product Videos are Virtual Demonstrations

What better way to see the use of a product than to see it in action? This is why in-store product demonstrations work. A customer can look and see what it’s about instead of walking past it on a normal day.

However, physical demos aren’t always an option, more so if you sell your products online. You can recreate the experience, though, using product videos.

Keep in mind, remote customers don’t get to touch and inspect your products. These videos are their windows to get a better idea about your offer. 

This type of video allows you to show customers how your product works. Why do you think home shopping networks are still a thing? Because 75% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching a video that explains its use.

Instructional videos are also a good way to reach those who have already bought the product. They may be looking for visual instructions on how to use or assemble it. With your video, you can build trust and brand loyalty.

A product video isn’t limited to demos, though. For instance, you can introduce a problem and then show how the product provides the solution. You can build brand awareness this way.

2. Videos Better Stimulate the Customers

With videos, you can show instead of telling. What may be hard to convey with the written word might be able to get through to the remote customers using different media.

A wall of text is harder on the eyes than a bunch of images, which explain less than moving pictures. This aligns with the fact that humans are visual creatures.

Around 65% of the population are visual learners. We can digest information better when presented in a visual form.

Videos are also better at invoking emotion, and as you know, emotions are a major driver of buying decisions. If you use this aspect of a video the right way, it’s easy to compel the right customers to go through with the purchase.

3. Increase in Clicks and Shares

The role of emotions doesn’t stop there. Engaging videos can also get more exposure through likes and shares on social media.

Think of the types of videos you see shared by friends on your social media feed; they may make you laugh or feel inspired, amazed, enraged, or another type of feeling. The bottom line is that they make you feel things, making you feel compelled to share them, as well.

These shares then help you get more customers. More shares get you more clicks, which get you more sales.

That’s also why you should put effort into your video production. It’s not enough that you show how a product works. Think of the audience and how you can engage them.

Use colourful visuals, talk to the viewers, use HD equipment, and so on. This way, you create a more compelling video that has the potential to get a wider reach.

4. Your Website Gets a Boost in Page Rank

The benefits of product videos aren’t always direct, but they all do help you get higher sales one way or the other. Take this benefit, for example, wherein you get more interested customers via the search engine.

Search engines (yes, Google, Bing, and the likes) love videos. If they have the chance to show a video in the results, they’ll do it. But only the best videos get the exposure.

What are the best videos according to Google? Well, these are the ones with a high engagement, measured by things like clicks, time spent, backlinks, and more. If your website has a video that’s doing well even on social media, it has a high chance of ranking high.

When potential buyers search for a keyword related to your product, your page will rank high in the search engine results. This gives you more visibility, thus more customers if you play it right.

5. You Gain Access to Valuable Insights

Publishing the video online means you get access to a variety of data you can use to improve your strategy or the video itself. It allows you to see if your video is working as intended.

Are people watching it until the end? Or do they tend to bail after a certain amount of time?

If it’s the latter, you can find out the exact points when people are exiting your video. These might be the dull parts or when they’ve realized they’re not getting anything useful out of it. It could also mean that’s when they’ve decided that the product is not for them.

The website’s analytics can give you an insight into more information apart from this. The key is being able to analyze the data in a way that you’ll arrive at the likely correct conclusion.

Access to video analytics is useful but only if you know how to use it to form a solution. Once you’ve studied the available data, you’ll be able to refine the product videos you publish henceforth, allowing you to sell your products better.

BUILD TRUST AND Include Product Videos in Your Next Strategy

These are the benefits of product videos and they all apply to remote customers, but you can only enjoy them if you do it right. Instead of attempting to produce a low-quality DIY video, don’t hesitate to call the experts. Get professional videos done.

Don’t know how to use product videos to your advantage? Check out more of our content and learn more tips about video-making, like which types of videos you should be making!


How Can Product Videos Help You Sell to Remote Customers?
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