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The Impact of AI Video on SEO Strategies: What Marketers Need to Know

05 June 2023
The Impact of AI Video on SEO Strategies: What Marketers Need to Know

Recent statistics show that 40% of Australians trust working with artificial intelligence. It’s a trend that is quickly picking up speed. While some people have reservations about the concept, the benefits are undeniable.

Look at Ai Video, for example. It’s helping companies and their marketing departments skyrocket their digital marketing efforts. This directly impacts brand awareness and sales.

Presenter-led AI videos captivate audiences and sway buyers’ decisions about which product or solution they should buy. If you want to be a dominant force in your industry, you cannot ignore how important video content is to your digital marketing strategy and how it boosts SEO rankings. Here is why.

The Importance of SEO Strategies

It’s a critical way for your target audience to find your business when they have something on their mind. Customers rely on search algorithms to answer their questions. They are actively looking for your product or solution.

Because of this, you want your brand to list at the top of results. You want to be the first line they see and reap the benefits of getting the most clicks. Recent statistics suggest that people click on the first result of a search engine on the first page 30% of the time.

The farther down the search engine results you are, the smaller your chances of attracting clicks.

Australians rely on SEO to shop in their area, too. 97% go online to check businesses in their local area and shop around. Not only that, but 86% get store recommendations from Google Maps.

Content generation, including video content that is SEO optimised, leads to more online traffic and brand awareness, which will boost sales.


AI Video and SEO

Google cares about video content. Therefore, AI video content will boost SEO. Search engines, like Google, scan for more than text with their search algorithms.

They look for relevant content, which includes media too. When your pages have a mixture of text and video content, it is informative, and Google loves this. Google also likes to see a lot of regular traffic to your website. 

Further, embedding a video on your website (even embedding your YouTube video) keeps people on your page longer. They must engage with your website by clicking play, and they will stay a while to watch the video. Google prefers pages that keep traffic longer versus pages that only keep visitors for a brief time.

YouTube and Social Media

You can attract more visitors with video content you share on YouTube and other social media profiles. The more content you create and share, the more traffic you can build, which will help your SEO strategies.

According to Social Media News, Facebook has 18.5 million monthly active Australian users, and YouTube has 17.5 million unique Australian visitors monthly. WhatsApp has 12 million active Australian users.

When you want to reach customers on an authentic level, you want your video content to appear on places digitally that they already visit. This is how your brand can make a close connection to a customer. 

AI Video Creates Links

Quality backlinks are essential to Google’s algorithms. When people link to your content, it shows that your domain is an authority. You can demonstrate more power when you rise in search engine results.

YouTube and social media are great sources to use for attracting referral traffic. You can gain subscribers and followers with quality video content.

Why Use AI Video

While marketers love creating videos, they worry about the workload and the cost of making videos. AI video and virtual presenters are excellent solutions for organisations looking to impact their brand image significantly with minimal effort.

With artificial intelligence, creating tons of presenter-led videos is a snap. First, you must understand how AI works with video content. It is a computer system that handles human intellect.

Machine learning is used to examine statistics and algorithms to execute a task. With video content, it automates complex operations, including text overlays and adding effects. This is how you can create a more manageable workload.

When you can create video faster, you can also increase accuracy and improve the efficiency of your content. This means that AI video can help you better curate content. You can reach your target audience quicker.

More Personalised Video Content

Marketing Magazine declares that 62% of consumers expect personalised marketing. Also, 49% agree that they will be a repeat buyer from a brand that offers them personalisation.

AI video can also give you the power to personalise. There are a lot of available marketing videos out there. Imagine if you could easily personalise video content for prospective customers.

Further, when you can quickly create a large amount of video content, you can publish more content regularly on social media. This will get you more visibility and add a thicker layer of relevance to your audience.


Presenter-Led Video AI From the Visual Domain

AI video is a force you must reckon with to take your brand to the next level. You can take any script you have and create a compelling presenter-led video. The best part is that you do not need to be a professional video editor to do it!

You can create an emotional connection with your audience through engaging videos that can be completed in minutes with the help of AI. Even when you use artificial intelligence, you can still humanize your video content, including through personalisation.

Let Visual Domain help you grow your business with AI video content today!

The Impact of AI Video on SEO Strategies: What Marketers Need to Know
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