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What Is More Effective Live Action Video Or Animation

07 April 2017
What Is More Effective Live Action Video Or Animation

It is a pivotal question you need to ask yourself when first thinking of your company video. As the Creative Director for the Sydney office I have seen quite a few of both. Whilst each have their strengths and weaknesses, it is something that is so personal to each project that you have to weigh up your options. To help, I have written out a good old fashioned pros and cons list to help.



With the number of animation studios in Australia. Animation videos are more accessible than ever before. Technology and software are now at a point that even 3D animation is possible on a small scale level.

With animation videos the possibilities are endless. You can create scenarios that are not possible for people to act out, you can get information across quicker, create more informative scenarios and you can tailor to any circumstance. For example, if you have a piece of information software that you need to explain and you have no presenter who can do a good job of it, you can turn it in to an animation video.
For example, look at how I helped explain this software for health care professionals:

Animation videos cant help but miss the personal touch. Nothing will replace the warmth of a smile or friendly gesture that can only really be portrayed by someone.
The cost and resources that are needed to produce animation videos mean that they are less flexible with changes, they do take time to produce and the pre production for these projects is essential in order to get a great product.

Live Action

As I mentioned before, nothing will ever replace the personal touch of someone's face. Live action videos and real people are irreplaceable for that immediate sense of knowing someone and understanding who they are.

Live action videos are fast and effective. We can turn up on set, film the narrative, piece to camera, whatever you need, pack up and edit it straight away. We can show real processes and environments, with flexibility in how we produce and execute it and do so in a very cost effective way.

Live action videos are limiting in the sense that we cannot create something that isn't there. Whether it be a presenter who can't remember their lines to a building that hasn't yet been built, you have only what is in front of you - that isn't to say we can't get creative!

In saying all of this, the most important thing to consider is who is your audience? What are they going to want to see and what is the best way to showcase your brand and product. If you look at it from their point of view, you cannot go wrong.

What Is More Effective Live Action Video Or Animation
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