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What Is Personalised Video? Your Questions Answered

10 June 2020
What Is Personalised Video? Your Questions Answered


Incorporating video into a marketing campaign is one of the most effective strategies that businesses can implement. With the emphasis on video in the form of 'stories' on social media, it's no secret that video can increase engagement.

Personalised video, though, is a concept that not many entrepreneurs know how to implement. Some aren't even aware of what it is!

So, what is a personalised video? Don't worry, we’ve got you covered!

Let's take a look at everything you need to know.

What Is a Personalised Video?

As the name suggests, a personalised video is one that's explicitly created for a viewer or group of viewers. This is most easily achieved by adding personal elements, such as:

  • Mentioning the viewer specifically (name, job title, company name, etc.)
  • Incorporating their logo into the video
  • Detailing their actions or achievements (such as 10 years of doing business together)
  • And more! 

It's important to note that although these videos are personalised, much of the content can be re-used. Put simply, anything that doesn't directly pertain to a specific viewer could be considered the 'bones' of a personalised video.

For each different recipient, personal info can be swapped out, added, etc. Over time, this will greatly increase productivity, as the same video template can be used for hundreds (if not thousands) of your recipients! Crazy, right?

An Important Note 

It can be fairly easy to assume that a personalised video is one that's developed from scratch for a specific recipient. This type of content is known as a one-to-one video and is more applicable in highly specific scenarios.

For example, a one-to-one video would have all of its content be relevant to the recipient, meaning it wouldn't be able to be used again in the future for anyone else.

Although an endearing method to communicate with someone, it's not nearly as scalable as personalised video.

What Benefits Do Personalised Videos Provide?

It's fairly common for people to become numb to advertisements and marketing messages over time. After all, the average person is exposed to approximately 5,000 ads per day!

So, in order to grab your audience's attention, you're going to need to stand out. Fortunately, personalised video exists for that exact purpose.

Let's dive into a few of the key benefits it can provide to you.

Cut Through The Clutter

In order to be one of the few ads out of the daily 5,000 that stands out to your audience, you're going to need to offer something that other advertisements don't.

Since a personalised video is tailored to them, your audience will have a higher level of interest in your message. 

Higher Email Open Rates

Personalisation is commonly used in email marketing. But, it's often limited to its most basic form.

For example, a typical 'personalised' email headline from an athletic apparel company might say something like 'Lisa, we're extending out 30% off sale until next Tuesday.'

Use of this tactic would read something like 'Hey Lisa, we've picked out a few items for you.' This information would be derived from their previous interaction with the brand (purchases, saved items, etc).

On average, the second headline is likely to have a higher open rate since it isn't quite as generic as the first. Once they open your message and see a personalised video, they'll be even more likely to view and convert.

Cultivate Stronger Relationships 

As you send personalised messages to more and more people, you'll find that you begin to develop stronger relationships with them. People often resonate far more with an advertisement if they feel that their ad is separate from the thousands of others.

If personalised video is done correctly, it won't feel like an ad at all, but more of a message meant specifically for that member of your audience. Your audience will then have a higher tendency for interaction. 

Stronger relationships carry a handful of benefits themselves, such as your audience telling their friends/family about your business, a higher likelihood to make purchases in the future, etc.


How Should I Use This Type of Content?

As previously mentioned, email marketing is a solid way to implement this type of video. But, there are a handful of other scenarios where you can take advantage of personalisation.

Using personalised videos to welcome someone to a webinar is a useful ways you can take advantage of it. Tailoring a video to a specific viewer will often make them more likely to attend.

You can also use it as a promotional method to generate interest.

The same can be said for meetings and events, where personalised videos can be created in order to inform someone of the time and date they will occur.

For Real Estate an open home invitation can also make extensive use of personalised video. These can serve as a form of a video invitation for recipients and as a way for the host to promote their event.

Customer service is another area where personalised video content is highly applicable. This especially true when on-boarding clients, as they'll feel much more welcomed when their name, company, etc. is mentioned in the video.

Personalised Video Will Help Your Brand Resonate With Audiences

When people feel personally connected to a company, they'll be far more likely to explore what that brand has to offer.

Understanding 'what is a personalised video' and incorporating it will provide your brand with a much-needed human element to help you stand out.

If you would like to see more of our personalised video's please check them out here

Feel free to reach out to us today and see how we can help you.

What Is Personalised Video? Your Questions Answered
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