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Where (Social) Video Comes First

21 March 2017
Where (Social) Video Comes First

In 2016, Mark Zuckerberg said "We see a world that is video-first with video at the heart of all of our apps and services" and Visual Domain's ear pricked up.
This was for two reasons;

1. If Zuckerberg is saying "across all apps and services" this means that there is going to be a big push for video across all Facebook owned companies, and companies that Facebook want to own.
2. It also meant that we, at Visual Domain, would see our clients put more emphasis on content for social media, not just online content.

Social content is very different from video marketing content. It is shorter, sharper, trend driven and made for a smaller, hand held screen. Not too mention it also includes live videos, 360 videos, VR - all formats that Visual Domain have worked with before, but now, have really taken notice of and made our own.

With this shift away from traditional video formats, it obvious that everyone needs to learn to love video in all its different formats. Video needs to be at the heart of all marketing, otherwise, it will never reach the heights it needs to on social media, for it to ever be noticed. To make this accessible to our clients, we have worked on social media video package that allows our clients to make video for social media for any budget. Whilst it is easy enough for you to pick up your phone and film something, it does not give your product or service the justice it deserves.

Recently Visual Domain have partnered with to produce all of their social media content. Whilst this is a big undertaking for such a high traffic site, the attention they have received from their content, proves that although social content is quickly consumed, it still needs to have a high level of detail and production put in to it for it to get noticed. For example, REA's "Dream Home" series, receive, on average, over 100,00 views, 400 likes and interaction with comments and shares from its audience.


Where (Social) Video Comes First
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