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How To Raise The Bar With Your Marketing Using Personalised Video

04 June 2018
How To Raise The Bar With Your Marketing Using Personalised Video

We’re just going to start by saying… there’s really nothing quite like personalised video.

Combine technology with some of the most creative and talented individuals and you have a dangerous means of engaging with customers.

Delivering personalised content directly to customers via email marketing sends more than just a message about a product or service you offer, it provides the personal touch so many transactions are lacking these days.

Here are some stats to show you just how effective personalised video can be.

With open rates of email campaigns around 25%, including personalised videos can raise your open rates to an average of 65% - that’s 40% higher engagement than traditional campaigns! In addition to this, personalised videos have 3.5 times more engagement than standard videos.

And conversion rates? 25% and above.

Take it from us, seeing engagement rise to levels like this is really exciting.

Meet our experienced web campaign manager, Matt

Matt works on all of our personalised campaigns and makes sure they reach their full potential.


Some of our favourite campaigns so far:



Look out for our next post on personalised video campaigns!

How To Raise The Bar With Your Marketing Using Personalised Video