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How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Works During COVID-19

22 July 2020
How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Works During COVID-19

When the entire world changes, and again; here in Melbourne with the introduction of mandatory masks and lockdown continuing your digital marketing must again rise with the challenge!

That has been the lesson of COVID-19 for many companies. When their traditional marketing stopped working, these businesses had to find new ways to succeed in an entirely new world.

Video is a good example of this. By following 2020 video marketing trends, your company can actually thrive during these unprecedented times.

Don't believe it? Keep reading to learn how to create a video marketing strategy that works during COVID-19!

Interactive Videos

One of the biggest effects of COVID-19 is that your customers have been cooped up in their houses. Everyone is looking for some kind of escapist fun, which is one of the reasons video games surged in popularity during the quarantine.

You can get in on this by creating interactive videos for customers. This may be 360-degree videos that let them "look around" with phones or VR headsets. Or you can create videos that are like a "choose your own adventure" story, encouraging them to play many times.

Providing this interactive fun builds your brand and builds customer loyalty. And that translates to additional website traffic and sales. More information on our interactive video solutions here

Virtual Trade Show

Your business may be suffering from the lack of trade shows this year. After all, trade shows are a great way to show off your products to customers and build your business network.

With the power of video, though, you can create your own virtual trade show. This can range from videos showing off your products to livestreams where interested customers can send panel speakers questions in realtime.

This provides consumers with more of the interactive content and activities they crave while letting you showcase your products and services in exquisite detail.

Spread the Company Message

Here's a comforting thought: your video content doesn't have to be very fancy. In fact, even the biggest Hollywood celebrities and famous talk show hosts have been relegated to shooting smartphone videos in their kitchen.

However, you can use those simple videos to give customers your company message during this time. For example, you can discuss how COVID-19 has affected your business and express sympathy for how it has affected your customers' lives.

Ideally, such a video will be short (say, two minutes or less). But customers will appreciate both the update and the sympathy, and this video content helps you stay in the forefront of their thoughts.

Data-Driven Videos

Other than the company message, what other video content should you create? We recommend diving deep into your analytics to create data-driven videos.

This data can help you discover the best platform for your video content. Should it be on Youtube or Facebook? Instagram or TikTok?

Of course, analytics tells you more about who your audience is, and this informs your video content. If you are marketing to millennials, for example, they will respond negatively if your video content just feels like a commercial. Conversely, they will respond positively to video content that highlights your company's ethics and values.

Finally, you can use that data to create more personalised videos. Just like with e-mails, the personalisation factor significantly increases consumer engagement.

Local Video, Local Opportunities

With video marketing, businesses have a tendency to think globally. During COVID-19, however, you may benefit more from thinking (and marketing) locally.

Let's say that you run a store. Many of your customers may not feel safe simply browsing your aisles like they used to. But with the right videos, you can simulate that browsing experience and show them what you have in stock.

Video content can also help you show customers new buying options they did not have before. For example, you may want to set up an eCommerce site that allows someone to order ahead and just pick up their goods when they arrive.

Long story short? Video lets locals know about the new ways they can buy from your business!

A Peek Behind the Curtain

There are three little words that every customer loves to hear. And those words are "behind the scenes."

Believe it or not, your customers get a kick out of seeing what it takes to run your business. These can be videos of you stocking new products, taking care of a large crowd, or simply shutting things down at night.

You can also use these videos to show off any new health and safety policies you have enacted. If someone is nervous about coming in, they may be relieved to see how thoroughly you clean and disinfect your store.

When you've built their interest and provided them with peace of mind, you may be surprised how many customers visit each week!

Longer Videos

The old wisdom of video content was that "shorter is better." And that's certainly the philosophy that fuels the video sensation TikTok.

However, here's the rub. Short videos are great for disposable entertainment, like a cute cat video your spouse shows you. However, that short video doesn't offer much engagement, and you'll soon forget about it.

Longer videos (read: videos longer than five minutes) offer more of a chance to really build someone's interest. And after they spend that much time invested in your video, they are likely to remember your brand and your products.

When it comes to video marketing ideas, "bigger is better." Just make sure you have enough engaging content throughout each video!

Video Testimonials

One of the best COVID-19 marketing strategies was actually gaining steam before the pandemic. What's the strategy? Video testimonials.

Customers love to research a company before they pay for anything. Accordingly, they pay much more attention to reviews and testimonials from customers rather than traditional business marketing.

You can make this work in your favour by soliciting video testimonials from your best customers. This helps you foster relationships with loyal customers while providing a powerful "word of mouth" marketing to bring in new customers.

Trust us: you'll want to keep doing video testimonials long after the virus has run its course.

Your Video Marketing Strategy: The Next Step

Now you have a good video marketing strategy. But do you know who can bring your COVID-19 marketing strategy to life?

We specialise in creating highly polished and professional videos for businesses just like yours. To see how you can get started, check out our special packages today!

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy That Works During COVID-19
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