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Innovation And Technology With Video Production In 2019

11 January 2019
Innovation And Technology With Video Production In 2019

In today's technological age, video is #1. Research tells us that 74% of internet traffic will be video this year, 80% of internet users remember the video ads they watch online, and the average person spends more time consuming digital video (approximately 1hour 55minutes per day) than social media.

The result?

Video has become a powerful medium for communicating messages, engaging with consumers on a deeper level, and increasing conversions to sales. Video can be used to weave an emotional narrative around a brand, product or company.



An extra level of personalisation makes the content more relevant for the consumer, and cuts through a lot of the generic marketing emails and clutter one finds in their inbox.

We've seen a 65% increase in email opens when the content is personalised, and 3 1/2 times more engagement with personalised videos over standard videos.

Here is an example of some of our personalised campaigns:

These statistics tell us that personalisation is the way of the future. New technology has enabled us to not only make videos personal, but also interactive and immersive. Using innovative technology like our Data Creative platform, videos can be used to gather data, prompt a call to action, take people on an adventure, and even allow consumers to make purchases inside the video!

How does it work?

We take a client's database, create a video story, and integrate the two together. We then facilitate the sending of each personalised video to every single person! Take a look:



We recently worked on a personalised license plate campaign, whereby consumers who shopped for the plates but did not complete the purchase, were sent a personalised video within 3 hours of their online activity. By utilising personalised videos, we were able to drive sales, with a 60% conversion rate!

Animated Video Productions Melbourne

Video innovation is moving at a remarkable pace.

I've always enjoyed working with innovative technologies before they become the norm. Its exciting showing people new tech solutions that they didn't know existed.

More so, its awesome knowing that whatever questions customers have about how they can utilise this technology - we know the answer is "its possible".

Renece Brewster

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Innovation And Technology With Video Production In 2019
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