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What Is Augmented Reality and How Do You Use It to Sell Your Products?

05 January 2023
What Is Augmented Reality and How Do You Use It to Sell Your Products?

93% of surveyed customers plan to spend the same or less this holiday season than they did last year. That means marketers will have to work extra hard to convince shoppers to buy their products.

On top of that, most retailers are having to adjust to developing online shopping habits. Consumers want to browse and buy from the comfort of their homes, so businesses have fewer ways to stand out.

Augmented reality (AR) is the answer to these challenges. The latest AR technology allows online shoppers to get a complete picture of a product. But what is augmented reality in marketing, and how can you use it to increase sales?

Here’s our brief guide to converting customers with augmented reality in 2022.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality uses videos to change an environment. Through a device camera, AR adjusts what the viewer sees to add or change something that’s not there in reality.Blog Icons (7)-2

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality

This is not the same as virtual reality. Virtual reality involves immersing people in a completely artificial video environment.

But augmented reality adjusts an existing, physical environment through video.

Augmented Reality For Marketing

When used in marketing, augmented reality can move online customers to purchase. In fact, online conversion rates increase by 90% when customers use AR.  The technology makes them feel like the product is right in front of them!

Here are some popular ways to take advantage of this technology in your marketing.

Placement Testers

One of the benefits of augmented reality is that customers feel they know a product. Placement testing technology is one of the most popular ways to do this. It allows users to see what products would look like in their own homes.

For example, furniture retailers can use AR to add furniture to a home through a camera. Then customers get a feel for the product in their space and are more likely to purchase it online.

Try Before You Buy

The same methodology applies to clothing and accessories. Consumers can “try on” everything from suits to sunglasses with an AR program. This helps customers see if the products suit them, and even grow attached to the look as they would in store.

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More Video Applications

But augmented reality for marketing isn’t limited to physical products. When businesses think outside of the box, they can make anything come to life virtually.

For example, a property company may offer augmented reality tours of a rental space. The customers moves their phone around, and it’s as if they’re seeing it in person.


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What Is Augmented Reality and How Do You Use It to Sell Your Products?
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