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What To Expect When Shooting A Video Production

31 May 2017
What To Expect When Shooting A Video Production

So you are going to be in a video!

Presenting on camera is often the thing our clients are most nervous about, especially those without any on camera experience. We are here to tell you… Don’t Stress! It is our job to make sure you are as comfortable and confident on camera as you can be.

Here at Visual Domain we’ve shot thousands of videos and we’ve worked with anything from professional talent to people who have never appeared in front of a camera before. No one gets its right the first time!

It’s important to just relax, take your time and listen to our handsome crew as they help direct you. For now here are some helpful tips to get you started.


Presenting on camera

One of the keys to being successful in front of the camera is the energy that you deliver. The trick to getting the perfect performance is often to add extra enthusiasm even when it might seem over the top. On the camera this will come out as more energetic and welcoming. Big smiles and open body language also go a long way to creating the perfect video and don’t be afraid to use your hands!

Prepare your content

One of the biggest mistakes someone can make is coming to a shoot unprepared. This often leads to nerves and poor performance in front of the camera. Knowing what you need to cover in your video prior to the shoot will help reduce nerves and you will come across far more confident on camera. This is as simple as reading through any questions you will be asked before the shoot so there won’t be any surprises.

Take Direction

Our videographers have filmed hundreds of videos and know what it takes to appear well on camera. During your shoot they will often give you direction to help with your performance on camera. Don’t take this personally! Its our job to make sure we get the perfect take with the energy and content to produce the best video we can.


Clothing is one of the simplest but often forgotten elements of being in front of camera. One of the most important things is to present yourself in the way you want to be viewed. If this means corporate and professional then a suit and tie is appropriate. If you wish to come across as more casual then dress accordingly.

Another important aspect to consider is how certain clothing appears on camera. Good options are solid colours or large patterns. Stripes and elaborate patterns can cause sensor issues and all sorts of visual distractions!

Make up

Make up is never a necessity for appearing on a video however some people feel more comfortable on camera with some make up applied. Here at Visual Domain our videographers are super talented however makeup is not one of their specialities! If make-up is something you would want to consider for your shoot contact your lovely account manager and they can quote you on a Professional Makeup Artist.

And finally… HAVE FUN

Video production is an exciting thing to be apart of. Enjoying your experience is key to appearing well on camera. One of the magical things of video is the editing process which allows us to combine all your best takes into the perfect video! If you are still nervous or have any questions relating to your shoot don’t hesitate to contact your account managers and they will help you prepare yourself for your camera debut!



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What To Expect When Shooting A Video Production
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