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Abbie Chatfield Lecturer Of Down Under University for Intimate Health

25 October 2021
Abbie Chatfield Lecturer Of Down Under University for Intimate Health

Created by industry duo Visual Domain and Vudoo, the 'first of its kind' interactive video series that opens important discussions around intimate health

Media Release: Visual Domain.
Read more about the campaign on B&T, Mumbrella, Girlfriend, Buzzfeed, Marketing Magazine

Australia’s number one range of antifungal solutions; Bayer Consumer Health Australia’s Canesten, is one of the first brands to engage with Visual Domain and Vudoo to create a next-level video series. Teaming up with Abbie Chatfield to kick off their ‘Down Under University’, Canesten® will incorporate the use of interactive videos to empower people with everything they need to know about intimate health. This comes in response to data from Australia’s intimate health report showing more than three in four Aussies experience thrush.

This innovative video technology, never-before-seen in Australia, is a direct result of the new partnership between Australia’s largest video production company, Visual Domain, and Vudoo – a global SaaS pioneer of interactive video.


Down Under University - Social Media Clip (Not interactive) 

Launched in July 2021, the partnership merges Visual Domain’s powerful 100+ creative team and experience with Vudoo’s state-of-the-art technology. Suitable for all industries and sectors, from marketing to training and recruitment, interactive video adds a whole new layer of creative possibilities.

The four-part video series delivered in 4k resolution is accompanied by interactive on-screen graphics – such as polling questions or clickable props, which enable the audience to directly participate in the ‘classroom’. Introducing a new world of video innovation, the series enables Canesten® to connect with and educate their audience on sensitive topics from the comfort of their own home. As a result, Australians are empowered to break free from shame and remove any taboos. “At Visual Domain, ‘Inspired Creative Grit’ is at the heart of everything we do. We work closely with brands as their partner in production and we work hard to produce world-class content for every single project that comes through the door across our offices in both Sydney and Melbourne,” said Visual Domain CEO, Renece Brewster.

“As a team with a large female presence, we couldn’t jump on this project with Canesten® quick enough. We were all very aligned with our inspiration to bring light to the topic of intimate health and knew we had to bring our best technology in order to break boundaries and create an interactive experience like no other” she said.

Similarly, Visual Domain Senior Producer, Claudia Fitzgerald shared her own reflection; “This Campaign is one of my favourite projects from this year, not only due to the important messaging around female intimate health but also in how we chose to communicate these messages.”

“These videos are a perfect example of how incorporating interactive elements can turn a viewer’s experience from passive to highly engaged. The use of polls, journey mapping, and interactivity allows them to take control of their own learning, and provides them with a much more valuable experience” Ms. Fitzgerald said.

The Visual Domain and Vudoo partnership allow brands and organisations to include the following interactive features to their video content:
Call-to-action: buttons and links drive viewers to a website to shop, browse and learn more
Custom pop-ups: use dynamic information and content, and embed them in a video. From product showcases to image slide shows, the sky’s the limit.
Shoppable videos: drive direct sales with add-to-cart features and in-video catalogues.

“Interactivity in video content places your viewers in the driver’s seat, enabling them to control their own video experience, while you unlock deep behavioural insights to gain a true perspective of your video ROI,” Ms. Brewster said.


Website Video Thumbnails (4)-1


Canestan Interactive Video 2

Interactive points throughout the series

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View and experience the free University of Down Under interactive course at

Brand: Canesten®, a brand of Bayer Consumer Health Australia
Strategy and creative: DEC PR
Production: Visual Domain, Vudoo
Media and talent relations: DEC PR

Read more about the campaign on B&T, Mumbrella, Girlfriend, Buzzfeed, Marketing Magazine


Abbie Chatfield Lecturer Of Down Under University for Intimate Health