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Be Good, Feel Good, Be Part of the Good Friday Appeal

28 June 2022
Be Good, Feel Good, Be Part of the Good Friday Appeal

The backbone of any charity is its volunteers, supporters and donors, and this could not be truer of the amazing community that surrounds the Good Friday Appeal.

We were recently given the opportunity to work with the Good Friday Appeal to help showcase the incredible impact the charity is having, and highlight the many ways people can support and make a difference to the patients and families of The Royal Children’s Hospital.

What better way to spread awareness and gain support than by getting help from Good Friday Appeal ambassador Isla?  In her honest, emotive and inspiring way, Isla and our team worked together to share her own journey as a cancer survivor, as well as how the charity and the support of the community personally changed her life, and the lives of many other children.

Since 1931, the Good Friday Appeal has raised over $421 million, raising a record-breaking $22,328,154 in 2022 alone, to enable The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to provide world-class care to our children.

As a cause close to our hearts, we were honoured to collaborate on this project with the support of our business’ not-for-profit arm,  One Day. This is where we produce and create videos end-to-end for free to support your cause, your voice and your community.

See the impact of the Do good, feel good, be part of the Good Friday Appeal campaign below.



Be Good, Feel Good, Be Part of the Good Friday Appeal