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Visual Domain Launches Strategic Partnership With Presenter-Led AI

22 March 2023
Visual Domain Launches Strategic Partnership With Presenter-Led AI


Press Release: 29th March 2023

Visual Domain Launches Strategic Partnership Bringing Presenter-led AI to Australian Brands


Visual Domain, Australia’s leading end-to-end video production, has announced a new strategic partnership with Hour One AI, a company specialising in the development of lifelike virtual humans for use in professional video communications. This partnership marks the launch of presenter-led AI video in Australia, a game-changing technology that is set to revolutionise the way Australian brands create and deliver video content.

With Hour One AI's technology, businesses can upgrade their communications with unprecedented ease and scale. Hour One's characters are based on real humans and can be animated with human expressiveness just from text, allowing businesses to create their own presenter-led videos. Visual Domain's AI technology can also create a digital twin of anyone in just a few steps, meaning brands can have a mascot/ambassador for their brand within an hour of filming.

"This partnership with Hour One AI is a significant milestone for Visual Domain and an Australian-first," said Netanel Teicher, Chief Innovation Officer of Visual Domain. "We are thrilled to be leading Australia's advancement in Video AI and to bring presenter-led AI to Australian brands. This technology opens up new possibilities for businesses to deliver content in any language and connect with their audience anywhere in the world."

Visual Domain's Video AI technology will be launching in March 2023, offering Australian businesses access to the latest advancements in video production. For more information about Visual Domain and its partnership with Hour One AI, please contact Netanel Teicher at

"We are incredibly excited about our partnership with Visual Domain, a true innovator and leader in the Australian video production industry” stated by Gil Ariel, Head of Revenue and Growth at Hour One AI. “Together, we are poised to transform the way brands communicate with their audiences, by leveraging our cutting-edge AI technology. Our collaboration with Visual Domain will enable us to expand our reach in the Australian market, helping more businesses harness the power of presenter-led AI to create truly engaging and dynamic video content." 




Visual Domain Launches Strategic Partnership With Presenter-Led AI