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Visual Domain X Politix; Spring Party & Fit Interactive Campaign

19 December 2022
Visual Domain X Politix; Spring Party & Fit Interactive Campaign

Press Release: Visual Domain

Shoppable videos are the next frontier in eCommerce. They are instant, in-video shopping experiences where with one click interactive tags can show product descriptions or send viewers directly to your online store.

This month, Politix has collaborated with the video production company, Visual Domain, to launch shoppable videos giving customers a new and exciting way to engage with the brand and new collections to help find their perfect fit. 

With a focus on educating and adding value to the Politix customer base; these films will be stylish, engaging and informative. The ultimate aim is to showcase how to style Politix's newest ranges and product offerings to fit the latest trends and be ready for the upcoming seasons!

The Technology

An interactive video allows users to interact, turning them from passive to active users. It is usually a video that has clickable links or buttons in it, which allow you to click on them and go to other parts of the video or web page. 

Using an Interactive video you can turn your content shoppable - streamline your e-commerce campaign and create a seamless shopping experience for customers. Use interactive videos to shorten the sales cycle and give your audience the power to make purchases directly with in-video shoppable content.

It's time for your brand to create an experience that your customers can engage with in real-time. Using an interactive video in your next campaign will boost your engagement and turn your viewers from passive to active, contact our interactive specialists today.

Visual Domain X Politix; Spring Party & Fit Interactive Campaign