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3 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Crucial in Financial Services

11 March 2022
3 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Crucial in Financial Services

It is estimated that soon video traffic will be responsible for 82 percent of all traffic on the internet.

Have you considered using video marketing in finance? How could video help you convert more leads into customers? What are some financial marketing concepts that would pair well with visual production?

Incorporating video marketing into the financial services sector will be important in the coming years in order to stay in front of the customer.

Keep reading to learn more about how video marketing can benefit financial services marketing:

1. Video Can Increase Conversions Within Your Financial Services Marketing

The use of video in marketing has been shown to accelerate conversions and motivate viewers to take action. 

In order to increase conversions, you will need to narrow your focus to specific financial marketing targets. We offer custom projects in which you can choose the parameters and decide everything from budget to production time. This will allow you to have complete control of the videos that your company distributes and the message behind them. 

What is your highest converting marketing effort right now? Do you produce it yourself or outsource the service?

Utilizing video marketing in finance will likely outperform your current best marketing performers. Analyzing your conversions and doubling down on the videos that create the most customer engagement will help you narrow down which videos to focus on in the future.

2. Video Marketing Can Capitalize on Shorter Attention Spans

The struggle that most companies face is that they are not catering to the attention span of their customer base. They produce a variety of content hoping that the right message reaches some of the right people.  

Studies show that visuals are the perfect medium to properly capture the attention of a potential customer for a short period of time. Videos can vary in length, from 10 seconds to 10 minutes or more. You can get an important message across quickly or dive into more depth through a long-form visual. 

If a consumer is interested in your financial services, they will grow from watching a short clip to longer, more informational videos.

3. Video Marketing Can Help Educate Current and Future Customers

There is a successful trend of videos that are being used to answer a specific question and marketed to bring value to customers.

Consumer education is an important piece of financial marketing. Customers that understand different components of the financial sector will be more likely to utilize the different services as when they are aware of them. 

Starting a weekly or monthly video series with the goal of educating others on different financial concepts and how they can be valuable could have the potential to expand your business name to new areas.

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3 Reasons Why Video Marketing is Crucial in Financial Services
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